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Does anyone know how experience works in parties in DIII? Specifically, when I have +exp mod on gear, does it mean it will improve party experience (when applied, I think it's 1.5 screens radius or smth like that), or it will boost my hero's experience after it has been divided between party members?

Is there an article by Blizzard on the subject anywhere? I couldn't find.
+exp items only effect you, same as magic find. Not sure where I heard so
Yes, only me, I know, but is it before or after party experience split? I mean, if I have +exp items will I exp faster than my party, or I will improve everyone leveling speed? (I hope the latter)
there is no party experience split. you gain the same exp as if you were killing the same mobs by yourself.
the + of playing in a party is you can kill faster and maybe have some additional fun as well :D

to sum up; groups have same xp/mob but higher xp/time vs solo play.

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