Why we have no right to be impatient

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We couldve been born during the dark ages, not born at all, or born in an era of war. We couldve been born in an era whithout technology, or on another planet. We couldve been born as so much life in so many different times.

But we were born in a time where we have the privilege of being able to experience D3.

You cant wait a few months? Just be happy we were born in a time we can experience it at all. Consider the billions of dead that cant experience Diablo 3 ever.

That is all.
27/02/2012 23:14Posted by Ouroboros
Consider the billions of dead that cant experience Diablo 3 ever.

Won't somebody please think of the children?
Ouroboros, you will not get Nobel prize for peace. :)
We could of....but we didn't...Gief diablo 3 now
The dead are better off than us.
That's all kinds of funny. :)
I'm a thinker myself but some things just sound better inside your head.
I mean think of the odds. Billions of billions to one for the earth even being able to substain life.

The millions of years of evolution it has taken to reach sentinent life.

The insane amount of luck to be born in the time able to play D3!

When you think of this on a huge scale, our waiting time is so insignificant.

PS: It could be that me staring at the wall all day waiting for D3 and crying myself to sleep waiting, makes me a hippocrite.
We have al the rights to be impatient, we only have to understand that it leads to nothing.

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