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We’re working hard on balancing and testing Diablo III, and one of the major components is making sure that the end game experience is fun and exciting. We’d like to share a few of our goals for end game:

  • We have an enormous number of skill build combinations, and we want a lot of those skill builds to be viable and interesting
  • While there are millions of skill builds available to players, we don’t want players swapping skills regularly to beat specific encounters as they come up
  • We don’t want repeatedly running specific three-minute chunks of the game to be the most efficient way to acquire gear for your character
  • While a three-minute run shouldn’t be the most efficient, we also don’t want you to feel like it’s a two-hour commitment every time you sit down to play
  • Bosses should still feel worth killing

  • Nephalem Valor is one of the major new systems in Diablo III and it kicks in at level 60. Keep in mind that this is still in testing and we’re still working out the details. Here’s how it currently works internally: Rare and Champion packs already have great loot on them. By killing a Rare or Champion pack, not only do you get their loot, but you’ll also receive a buff granting you increased magic find and gold find. However, if you change a skill, skill rune, passive, or leave the game, the buff disappears. As an extra reward, if you kill a boss while this buff is active, you’ll receive extra loot drops from that boss.

    The exact amount of magic find and gold find provided by the buff is still being reviewed, as is the amount of extra loot you get from a boss while the buff is active. We’re also playing around with whether or not the buff stacks, what the duration should be, and whether or not it should persist through death. We want to make sure the buff is strong enough to make staying in your current game more rewarding than creating a new game. At the same time, if the buff is too strong, it risks making shorter play sessions feel not worthwhile.

    We expect this system will encourage players to stick with a skill build of their choice, select an area of the game they enjoy, and sweep it for rare and champion packs on their way to a boss, finishing off a run with a boss that’ll be worth killing. If you wanted a shorter play session you could be done at that point, but if you have more time, the path of least resistance would ideally be to stay in the same game and make your way towards the next boss.

    Very interesting! Was hoping they would do something like this. Worked realy well in sacred IMO (altough that system was somewhat different, you got stronger/magic/gold find for every monster with a cap and was lost on death).

    I hope they aim for +-30min play sessions and not 2h+. Other then that, I realy like it!
    Good info, ty
    Looking good. Looking very good. Thanks for the info man, haven't had time to check US forums lately.
    Thanks for the post.
    I love what they're aiming for and this Nephalem Valor idea to get there fits very well.
    Yeah, just wanted to post the same thing. Awesome thing, I think.
    looks good, though i would disagree with it stacking and i would like to see it fade through GROUP death, but not single players. unless your playing solo ofc where it should still dissapear from death.
    I like this very much.
    Making this a sticky for more visibility :)
    I like this idea. Promotes playing with same character after hitting lvl cap and maybe even going for that Inferno. Also gearing for Inferno will be faster. Some kind small stacking would be nice and make it so that it resets if you die. This way you have put in A -game all the time in order to survive and benefit from buff.

    They just need balance it so it wont promote, make mandatory, 2+ hour sessions. You can make argument "You don't have to play so much!!!", but even more casual people feel need to because they would otherwise sacrifice theirs competitive edge in i.e. PvP.
    I like everything about this except that the buff is removed if you quit the game. I think this is unfair for people that have a life outside of playing Diablo 3; work, studies or whatever. Players who can play for an unlimited amount of time are awarded with better items anyway, since the prolonged game time increases the chance of a good drop. I don't believe it benefits the game to double-award those players. This should be fixed.
    21/03/2012 17:09Posted by Takralus
    Making this a sticky for more visibility :)

    Thanks :D
    I like this system. It's a good idea. Keep up the good work :D
    I quite like this.

    Apart from one sentence.
    At the same time, if the buff is too strong, it risks making shorter play sessions feel not worthwhile.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding it here, but.
    Casual alert.

    They actually want to continuing rewarding people that don't play as much? Doesn't that defeat the whole point of not playing as much? When you don't play as much, you shouldn't get as much reward as anyone who dedicates themselves for it.

    It's a simple work for your own gain, that is the essence of playing a RPG in the first place.
    In the long run it doesn't affect people that dedicate themselves for it, but they actually want to make shorter playsessions more or equal to someone to plays a lot more.
    Shouldn't it be rewarding for someone who puts a tremendous amount of effort into their characters?

    But I might not see the whole picture here, some other opinions would be nice.
    Overall I quite like it, it's just something about that sentence that smells fishy.
    great idea. there will be haters, but it just keeps getting better
    !@#$ this actually made me post. I am the kinda guy who loves to not post anything at all but read the crap out of everything. Blizzard managed to get my lazy !@# to post here that THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME CHANGE EVER. The best part is, i was worried that skill swapping before every encounter will become stupid and boring, but Nephalem Valor Buff is FANTASTIC, and ensures that this is not happening much.

    This is an awesome change! One problem however is not being able to log out since you'll lose the buff, so how about this:
    After Level 60, each zone has one elite pack or equivalent marked as "Treasure Warden". If you kill a Treasure Warden, you get the buff, but it does nothing. Then, when you kill the chapter boss, you get extra loot for every Nephalem Valor stack. If you log out or monsters are respawned for any reason, the areas you already cleared of Treasure Wardens won't get their Wardens back, so you cant farm Nephalem Valor stacks. Nephalem Valor stacks are only usable by killing the chapter boss, you could even show this in the tooltip ("You will get additional treasure if you kill BOSSNAME"). Once you kill the boss, your stacks are wiped and you have to do it over again.
    The advantage of this system is it makes you want to do full chapter runs (or game runs if you implement it that way), but you can still log out at any time.
    Awesome idea, love the new Nephalem Valor buff.
    I like the sound of this because it will stop players from doing soley boss runs like they did in diablo 2 most of the time, it will also give players an incentive to clear the game maps as they might run into mini bosses, get a buff, move onto the next one and get greater chance of gold and magic drops and get cool stuff! Increases Re-playability of level 60 chars when completed inferno!

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