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Im someone who likes to flick on the computer and play some Wow but every so often i go back to retro gaming on the ps1 or ps2 in particular Diablo 1 or Baulders gate. I love going to these games mainly because the feel i dont always want to be sitting up straight in a pc chair and clicking a mouse. I much prefer the button bashing on a control pad where i can be layed back on the sofa or bed and relax eatching a large tv screen.

Now Diablo 3 is just the perfect game for the button bashing to begin so i was really hoping it might be compatible with control pads does anyone know??
I know its coming out on the console but it wont be for a while and dont wanna wait.
With click to move that diablo 3 uses I just can't see this being an effective way to play, sure you could emulate the mouse with a program but tbh i think you would be much better off just using the mouse in the first place for much faster and better precision. For comparison you wouldn't play football with a rugby ball yeh you can but its clunky as hell.
Once theyve finalized controls (if they can) for the console port, they might add gamepad support for pc, but not until that eventually happens.

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Don't listen to Mitzy, he/she doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

I understand you, and D3 would be nice to play with a controller. Actually, a mate of mine
is not going to buy D3 becouse he fears RSI (lol:)) A controller would fix his problem :)

I have little doubt there will be software applications to D3 wich enables you to configure an wireless xbox360 controller(for pc).
03/04/2012 17:44Posted by D3BETA
Don't listen to Mitzy, he/she doesn't know what he/she is talking about.

And you are ? to say someone doesn't know that they are talking about with no facts or any attempt to disprove there argument just shows stupid ignorance. Quite typical of the online moron that lurks these forums. peace out.
He does have a point though.

Plenty of Diablo style games use a controller. Just look at Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Dungeon Siege III or similar games.

The only real difference is that targeting ranged attacks/abilities with a mouse is more accurate, but something like that wouldn't make Diablo unplayable with a controller. It would be different, but entirely playable.

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