Allround WW Barb build.

There is TONS of very agressive or very defensive orrr unbalanced fury gain-spend barb builds everywhere and i think we should build allround builds for inferno.!YdS!ZZaaZc

Cleave with Reaping sweep
WW with hurricane (look below)
Battlerage with Marauder Rage
Revenge with Vengeance is Mine
Warcry with Charge
WotB with Thrive on Chaos

Passives: Weapon master(Mighty Weapon), Bloodthirst, BoBK

Main Fury gainers:
Cleave+Rune+WM= 11 Fury per enemy hit
Revenge+Rune=5 Fury per enemy hit
Warcry+Rune= 60 Fury instant

Fury Spenders:
WW: -16 fury
Battlerage: -20fury
WotB: -50 fury

Defensive abilities:
Bloodthirst %3 lifesteal.
Warcry:%20 Armor.
Revenge+Rune: %8 heal per enemy hit.

Offensive Abilities:
Battlerage+Rune: %30 dmg increase

1)WotB with rune=90 sec CD-15 sec=75 sec.
Every 25 fury will decrease 1 sec. And i believe High fury gain will help decrease my Barb to decrease this Unraged time to only 30-35 secs. (60 Sec Raged 30 Sec Unraged )This means:
% 25 Attack speed
% 10 Crit
%20 Dodge

2)WW runes are really bad. WW is my main Fury spender and mayybbbeeee Volcanic Eruption will help. But anyway. Maybe I just change it.

(Sorry for bad english.)
You get alot of fury from that spec but you lack defense, you will not survive with that spec. And no heavy hitters? I would switch Ww to HotA with Rolling Thunder if you want to keep your AoE or Smash if you want more dmg.

One passive (atleast) should be a defensive one. Switch Weaponmaster to Tough as Nails and/or Bloodthirst to Inspiring Presence. Because you are using two shouts ; Inspiring Presence makes good use of those two shouts.
As i said. WW isn't a must. I just love WW. And its runes are really worthless. Hmm.. HotA with Rolling Thunder seems very good. Thx for advice. Hrr I hope Blizz will adress WW runes later.

Bloodthirst IS a defensive passive skill. Also I already has 2 defensive active skills. (Warcry + Revenge with rune for healing.) WotB has a defansive abilitie too (%20 dodge). Increasing more defence will cripple my dps.

About Inspiring presence. I don't like this rune. If I can cast warcry after 60 sec. I just cast it again. Also warcry give 60 fury. I just spam warcry every 30 sec to keep my fury high. %1 life regen per sec isn't worth it.
sorry but u have no chance with this buid in inferno.
if u want WW so bad maybe this works:!VdY!ZbYcaZ
Bloodthirst seem like a good passive skill and I personally love leech ALOT, but I think 3% is kind of waste when you can get it from weapons & gear pretty easily.
I will go with something like this:!dbY!ZcccZb

I think is decent for inferno

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