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I wanted to ask the following question. I am concerned if the following healing/protection skills are supposed to scale with hero items.

Breath of heaven*
Serenity: peacefull repose
Inner sanctuary: safe haven
Mantra of healing
Cyclone strike: soothing breeze

Diamond skin
Galvanizing ward

Templar (follower):

Those checked with (*) I have tested in the beta and found that the effect does not depend on:

weapon damage
any of the attributes
anything else I could check (except for character level)

What I think is that these abilities should depend on weapon damage or %hp or vitality or primary stat or something like that, not only based on your lvl.

Think about it. You have bad gear. You deal 100 damage and heal for 500. You find epic gear: you deal 1000 damage and still heal for 500. All other skills have scaled (thus the balance between them remains unchanged). And only these few skills did not.

Note: I am not saying these skills should be buffed up or down (I have no idea how powerfull they are). I'm saying they should scale. It's just logical.

A few examples of what is logical to me.

The barbarian heals do scale. For example:
Bloodthirst (scales with DPS)
Juggernaut (scales with max HP)
Revenge (scales with max HP)

The demon hunters possible heal also scales:
Preparation: battle scars (scales with max HP)
Brooding (scales with max HP)
Shadow power (scales with DPS)

With doctor:
Blood ritual (scales with max HP) note: this is not exactly a "heal" skill, but still.
Grave injustice (scales with max HP)
Firebats: vampire bats (scales with DPS)

Again i'm not saying any of these skills are too good or too bad.

Any ideas on how it will be in the release and how you think it should be?

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