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Ahh, that one was mine.

you forget the desperate losers blizzard games attract,
even the thought of helping a "girl" gives this guy a hard on

You think everyone is that pathetic. I gave mine to the first person I saw asking for one, the fact that she may or may not be a girl is completely irrelevant.
just watch your bf play? and use his account when hes not playing.. dont be a scrub and ask for free stuff .. never works.


I have one you can have - got a temporary e-mail account or some such I can send it to?

you forget the desperate losers blizzard games attract,
even the thought of helping a "girl" gives this guy a hard on

I'm sorry, where the hell do you get that from?
Gender has absolutely zilch to do with me being helpful, as is shown by the fact i've sent the keys to other people who asked for them.
So i should refrain from helping someone, simply because of gender?

To me, the people who are needlessly obsessing about gender, are those who would react in any other way simply because of an insinuation of gender. So with all due respect, which is pretty damn close to none, hop on back in your time-machine and return to the 19th century, where you're views are more in line with the standard.
im a girl and i wont be getting my copy for a couple days :(
if anyones got a spare guest pass for me (a girl) it would be incredibly appreciated

my email is

yours sincerely a girl (im definetely a girl you can trust me)

Much appreciated to anyone with a spare pass.

It sucked to have to wait due to delay pre order delievery. I will reply with a 10 day wow pass and sc2 pass in return for anyone with a spare pass.
Argh, I just got to read this thread now, after I started a new one :(

But if possible, I'd like a guest pass as well. I wont be getting my copy untill friday the 18th of may.

my mail is:

See you sooner or later in game ;)

I'd appreciate a pass, it will save the day while Amazon is trying hard to screw it up!
Wow, looks like many people are getting screw from amazon.
im a girl i want a guest pass too
Hi! I would really love one guest pass since my CE will be delayed.
wtf no pics in this thread?

14/05/2012 13:01Posted by Spenen
I'm a God damn unicorn and I demand a guest pass!

Hahaha I don't know why but this made me laugh big time. Thanks bro!
Clientdownload zzZzzZzz..

To be honest; I fancy mid-age-stuff, for some reason. (Gotta be all the "knight in shiny armor-thingy, he he) And being able of having same intrest and being able of playing a game together with my BFis pretty cool, so ofc i have to try out D3, when he doenst wanna try Wow. Compromise u know.. It might work the other way around some day? or maby d3 is that much better than Wow, cant tell u, untill Clientdownload is doooone, lol.

.../Gamemode after dinner! /Wave at ya and again; ty for the help. I really cant wait!
Hi to all! I'll be very appreciate if someone will kindly give me a guest pass...
But from June 7 I'll fully join to all of you in epic battle against the Evil!!

My e-mail: nisa @ inbox . ru (without spaces) or
nisa . inbox @ gmail . com (without spaces)

Thanks a lot!
I would love to grab one of those guest passes - if anyone has got a spare one. Expecting my D3 to arrive tomorrow, but I just can't wait! :D

My e-mail: michal256 [AT] poczta [DOT] onet [DOT] pl

I will gladly return the guest pass tomorrow, as soon as my D3 box arrives :)

I would be very happy to receive a guest pass in order to make me able to play this night with my friends and avoid me to wait to tomorrow evening 'cause I'm working..

I Thank you for reading my message and for sending me a pass, Thank you for you generosity and to all of you who will walk in Sanctuary : HAVE FUN AND WELCOME HOME !! =D

Here is my Email adress :

Thank you =)
I would really appreciate anyone who has an extra guest pass sending one my way.
I'd really appreciate a guest pass too, my CE hasn't even been dispatched yet :(

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