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Welcome to the Connection Help thread. Our aim with this thread is to provide information that should help you resolve common connection issues you may experience
when attempting to play Diablo III

1. Unable to connect
2. Disconnections in-game
3. Making a forum post
Unable to Connect

If you are receiving an unable to connect message or cannot log in at all when starting Diablo III, this usually indicates that your computer cannot reach our login servers.

The most common reason for this is Security Software such as a Firewall blocking the game from accessing the internet correctly.

Please make sure that the exceptions / rules list in your Firewall program that Diablo III is allowed full access to the internet. If you do experience issues with this, please consult the Firewall creator’s website for assistance.

Also note that certain ports may be obstructed by a Firewall or a router. Please see this guide regarding which ports need to be open in order to play Diablo III:

Flushing the DNS cache

Clearing the DNS cache can help refresh data used in your internet connection, this has been known to solve some connection issues. In order to clear the DNS cache, please follow these steps:

Disconnect the power from your modem or router device for five minutes and then reconnect. Once your connection is back, flush your Domain Name System (DNS):

[Windows XP]

- Click Start and then Run
- Type cmd in the run box and click OK
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

[Windows Vista/7/8]

- Click Start, then Programs, then Accessories and then locate 'Command Prompt'
- Right-click on 'Command Prompt' and left-click on 'Run as Administrator'
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window
Disconnections in-game

With Diablo III, players can choose to play in other regions globally. Please do note however that this may add latency and the potential for disconnections if you play on a distant region. If in doubt, test the game on your local region and see if the issue persists.

Network load and other programs

Other programs on your computer or on other computers within the network which use the same internet connection can also cause a disconnection problem.

Please disable or end all other programs within your network that increase the network traffic (file sharing software, parallel downloads, internet community programs etc.). You may be able to this via a Selective Startup:

Drivers and Firmware

We always recommend that players have the latest Drivers installed for their network adapter, and the latest Firmware for their router.

We have a guide regarding Driver updates here:

Firmware updates should be available from your router manufacturer’s website.

Unsupported Network connections

Please ensure that the connection you are using is supported at this time. You can find an article regarding minimum requirements, including network requirements, here:
Making a forum post

If you continue to experience connection related issues after following the steps above, please do not hesitate to create your own forum thread so we can assist.

When creating a thread regarding a connection issue, it’s important to include as much information as possible about the issue itself and about your connection.

Please include a detailed description of your problem, try to list as many details as you can think of and include a detailed account of the steps that you have already taken to troubleshoot your issue.

Please also provide the following information:

Country -
Modem (and firmware version if known) -
Router (and firmware version if known) -
Network device (Driver version if available) -
Type of connection used (Wireless / USB / Ethernet) -
Operating System -
Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus) –

And a pathping to the Diablo III servers:

Remember that the more information we have at the start the easier it is to troubleshoot the issue with you.

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