Most played class in diablo 3.

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What do you think will be the most played class in Diablo? just curious :)
barbarian i think, though i'll be going WD :DD
Like my little spideys :D
Loads of my friends are going WD so i dunno.
WD definetly
I think after the open Beta Weekend, Blizzard said something about Barbarian being the most played class.
I doubt it will be WD, I heard too many people !@#$%ing about them (myself included). I'm not actually saying he's bad, I just think most people will like Barbarian, Wizard and Demon Hunter more.
Am guessing either Barb or DH. Am going to playing as a DH to start of with
Witch Doctor, everyone will Play Witch Doctor. I think its a conspiracy.
Barb or WD for a guess
Cool i was thinking barb. As for me im gonna roll a monk :D.. cant wait !
Apparently its going to be Barb, at least thats what pretty much every single forumpoll has shown, and IIRC also what every other poll has shown.
Barbarian according to ALL polls.
A german fansite had a fairly large poll about it. 1700 players participated and Barbarian came out on the top, with the Wizard close behind.

The least played class was the Witch Doctor, so I got no clue why everybody things its gonna be a popular class.
Barb or WD
barb no doubt
Barbarian most played. Then since so many people seem to be saying it: WD.

I myself cannot fking wait to lay hands on the wizard and try out the spells after level 13.

But as soon as i make an alt it's the barb next.
Barbarian is sooooo boring. WD FTW!
All polls I have seen (quite a few, 6-8)
has had Barbarian as the top class.

WD has always, ALWAYS been at the very bottom.
Barbarian, then demon hunter, then wizard, then monk, then WD

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