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Welcome to the Technical Support forum for Diablo III! This forum exists to provide Diablo III players with a place to discuss technical issues both with each other, and with Blizzarrd Support staff.

Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going technical discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines detailed in a post below.


Forum Information

The Diablo III Technical Support Forum is not intended to replace tickets, telephone queues or live chat support. In some situations you may need to contact our customer service teams directly.

Blizzard Technical Support staff regularly monitors this forum and replies to threads and queries, however we are not able to reply to all threads. If you require assistance urgently, then in some cases contacting our support staff directly may be the optimal course.

Our working hours are:

Monday: 09:00 - 19:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 19:00
Wednesday: 09:00 - 19:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 19:00
Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00
Sunday: 09:00 - 19:00

Note: All times are Paris time (CET/CEST).

Customer Service Forum Representatives


Forum Guidelines
In addition to the Forum Code of Conduct, here are some common courtesy guidelines to follow. While these do technically fall within the bounds of the Code of Conduct, there has been some confusion regarding what is and is not allowed. These guidelines should help clear up any misconceptions.

Do not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, etc.
    This practice is used to draw attention to ones post. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask that you refrain from using sensational tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit.

Using the words Blizzard, Blue, or any community team members name in a thread topic is frowned on.
    Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge his or her post, and we understand that. However, use of such words in the topic does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject.

    Note that threads discussing e.g. the Blizzard authenticator or Blizzard’s latest press release are allowed to have Blizzard in the title as it’s then relevant to the discussion.

Posting IBL, IBTL, or its variants constitutes spamming.
    We appreciate that our posters understand the Code of Conduct to the point where they can call whether or not a thread is in violation; however, saying in before the lock does not contribute to a constructive community and it does fall under spamming. If you wish to acknowledge a post that violates policy, please report it instead.

Posting TLDR or L2P constitutes as trolling
    Posting TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) is saying you don’t care about a player’s post. Posting L2P (Learn to Play) mocks the player for their skill or experience level rather than provide constructive input on the post itself. Both are considered trolling and will lead to a suspension.

Do not bump posts.
    The act of bumping ones post is considered spamming and contributes nothing constructive to the discussion. Your thread will be seen and answered wherever possible; there is no need to continually bump it to the top of the list.

Petition posts are frowned on.
    This is a troubleshooting forum. Petition threads do not contain much troubleshooting instead, a petition is usually page after page of /signed. This is not constructive. If you have an issue with the game, please discuss it in a civil fashion. There are other places on the Internet to form online petitions.

Multiple threads on the same topic will be deleted
    When multiple threads cover the same topic we will typically leave one of them open, lock one with an explanation, and delete the rest. This is done to allow other topics to still have a place on the forums. Which thread is left open typically depends on the thread length and how constructive the first post and the thread in general are.

Do not post about locked or deleted threads.
    Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. It's up to you to read the forum code of conduct and these guidelines to determine what you did wrong, learn from your mistake, and attempt to post again without breaking any rules.

Suspensions add up
    Repeated suspensions or multiple violations of the forum guidelines at the same time will add up and lead to a longer suspension than otherwise may be given for a single incident. When suspensions differ for the same Code of Conduct violation, suspension history is usually the reason.

If you have a post to report, use the down thumb next to the post. Should you wish to report a post for a sticky, please use the "Vote Sticky" at the top right of the thread.
    Please do not post linking to threads you feel should be moderated or stickied. By using the methods we have in place, we can moderate more efficiently.

Don't necro posts
    While the advice and/or information given on said thread could have been accurate at the time, it may be now be outdated or a reply to an old thread could be overlooked. For these reasons please avoid necro posting. If you have a similar issue and the advice previously given hasn't helped create a new thread with all relevant information.

Do not 'Name and Shame'
    We understand that players may feel strongly when wishing to report other players for misbehaviour or other breaches, however the forums are not the correct place to do so. Details cannot be verified here, and what can start as a well-meaning post can quickly become a hunt. Please use existing reporting tools in order to report other players to Blizzard for investigation
Writing an Effective Post

Before you make your post:

1) Read the Stickies: Many issues we see pop up on the forums are covered in our stickies and a quick glance in the relevant sticky can often resolve your problem without having to wait on a response to your forum thread which can often take hours.

2) Check the FAQ: We have a detailed Support site with support articles covering many common and not so common issues experienced by our players:

3) Search the Forum: There is a good chance, if your issue is not covered in a sticky or support article, that someone else has experienced the same problem in the past and made a post about it, searching the forum for an error number or some of your symptoms can often turn up some troubleshooting advice that may solve your problem.

Making your Post

If the existing advice in the stickies, support site and forum didn’t manage to resolve your problem, or you have trouble following that advice, it is time to create a new forum post, and the following steps can help ensure speedy identification and assistance for your issue from both players and our support staff:

1) Write a descriptive subject: Letting players and Support Staff know quickly and easily the sort of problem you have can greatly increase the likelihood and speed of an effective response. Use of categorisation and part of any error messages you receive can be very effective, for example:

Game is stuck at ‘Updating’ is much clearer than Game doesn’t work

2) Describe the steps you have already taken: Now that you have checked the stickies, FAQ and searched the forum, let us know in your post that you have done that and what steps exactly you have already tried so that other people reading your post do not present you with possible solutions that you know are not of use.

3) Provide relevant details: It can greatly speed up diagnosis of a problem if you already include relevant information about your computer and connection. We have a support article on finding important diagnostic information here:

Providing information such as Processor, RAM, Operating System, Graphics, Sound and Network Card models can help to narrow down possible causes of your issues.
For connection issues, please see our Connection Information post for the information we require to assist you with connection related queries.

4) Keep checking the forum: Keep looking at threads posted by other users to check if any others are experiencing similar problems. They may have tried some steps that may resolve your problem.

5) Be patient: Our Support staff will do their best to answer as wide a range of forum posts as possible, and will endeavour to reply to your post, but if you require a quick response or you’re out of the working hours as listed above, please contact our support staff directly.
Connection Information

If you experience connection related issues when playing Diablo III, the first resource we would recommend is our Support Site:

However if you continue to experience connectivity issues after following the advice in our support articles, please don't hesitate to make a forum post. We would first recommend making sure you consult our advice in Writing an Effective Post here:

In addition to this information, we may require further details in order to accurately verify an issue or locate where the issue lies.

In particular, the information we normally require for troubleshooting connection issues is as follows:

Country -
Modem (and firmware version if known) -
Router (and firmware version if known) -
Network device (Driver version if available) -
Type of connection used (Wireless / USB / Ethernet) -
Operating System -
Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus) -
Traceroute to your region -
Pathping to your region -

PLEASE NOTE: The traceroute and pathping may take some time to complete correctly, please allow at least five minutes for these commands to finish. Please also run the pathping/traceroute when you're experiencing the issue, as this will give the most accurate results.

You can follow all Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support Europe news and updates on Twitter! We provide updates on maintenance, service issues and outages and we also endeavour to bring you the latest news and relevant support information on current world (of Warcraft) events.

The feed is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Polish.

Please follow and if you have any feedback for us regarding our Twitter feeds then you can e-mail it to

We like to use a lot of #tags on Twitter which help to spread our messages to as wide an audience as possible and also acts as a helpful consolidation tool for our community. Although the concept of #tags is a very natural one, and tags (and the way they are used) generally evolve over time, we do have a few set tags that we regularly use on our feeds.

To help newcomers and clear up any confusion, here is a list of the #tags we most commonly Tweet:

Universe tags:


Game tags:


Support tags:

#WoWtip – Helpful tips for #WoW!
#SC2tip – Helpful tips for #SC2!
#CStip – Suggestions and advice on helping you get the most out of our support services and resources.
#maint – Maintenance. Primarily used to announce maintenance/rolling restart schedules and provide necessary updates during maintenance downtime.
#patchday – A special tag that we only use on #WoW patch days. This makes it easier to find and access all relevant information if you are experiencing issues with the latest patch.
#BlizzStore – Tweets referring to the Blizzard Store will use this tag.
#Bnet –! Obviously!
#WoWevent – Primarily used in relation to World of Warcraft’s seasonal in-game events.
#safegaming – Educational Tweets, raising awareness of the importance of computer and account security.
#hotfix – If we need to communicate hotfix updates for #WoW, we will do it using this tag.

Fun tags:

#geekout – A chance to geek-out with us and the rest of the community about your love for Blizzard games.
#kudos – A tag to use when sharing your positive Blizzard CS experiences on Twitter.
#feedback – Self-explanatory.

More to be added as required...
Additional Social Media Resources

These are community-based social network resources for our 4 current games.

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Additionally, we have a dedicated @BlizzardCareers Twitter page for those of you interested in available positions here at Blizzard Entertainment.

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