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hi guys i cant get rid of this error ERROR CODE: BLZPTS00009 any solutions ?? im from romania-europe thnx.
my friend has the same problem, im trying to give him now the downloaded install files, and see if it helps him.

you install from cd right?
i digital purchased it not from cd.
I also purchased the digital copy, and after the game is downloaded through the Blizzard Download Manager, I click on "Diablo III Setup" and a little screen pops up for a split second saying "Updating Setup Files..." then exits out and then error code BLZPTS00009 pops up saying I don't have enough space on my hard drive, which is simply not true.

I've also shut down all my firewalls and I am the administrator on my computer, and launched with no other programs running. Ally my system requirements exceed those require to play the game but I keep getting this error message. Help!
Disabling my (avira) real time scanner did the trick for me.
First I wasn't allowed to install the game on the hard drive I wanted to -.-. For whatever odd reason in the world you can not install on a Drive "A" or Drive "B". So despite the fact I deleted files and made room for me to install the game on Drive "B", I was forced to install on on Drive "D". Once the installation completed itself, I then went to move it to Drive 'B'. That is where this blasted error code came from. Coming to the forums and seeing everyone and their mommas' has the issue and the suggestions provided did not work for me..I went to move the game BACK to the original installation location. And now I just finished watching the opening CG movie. So if you have moved the installation from one drive or partition to another, move it back to it's original place and see if you can launch the game that way.

I am going to try to play the game for the first time ever, if I run into anymore drama..Ill be back :).
Good point with Avira. Thank you so much.
I disabled my anti-virus and it worked! thanks so much
Also had the problem and turned of my avira then it was fine
I also have the some problem ... I have MacBook Pro but there is no solutions about mac systems ... Please give feedback urgently...

It starting update than pops up a little error

Like ... ERROR CODE : BLZPTS00009 ...
Thank you for information. disabled my anti-virus and it`s worked.

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