Error code: BLZPTS0000J

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When I start Diablo III setup from disc i get this error message.

"Failed to run a required program (Blizzard setup). Wait one minute and try again and if that doesn't work please restart your computer and try again.

Please click the link below for more information or contact Customer Support if the problem persists."

Then there's a link that with the text in the thread title, which leads to .

I've tried again and restarted my computer many times. Anyone know what to do next?
Anyone? :(
I get the same :( i have re-downloaded the hole game again and still gets it ?!
Two days in a row with the same error and no solution to find? I am starting to get tired of this so called game that does not even install!!
i get this problem too.. i have wiped it and re-downloaded it and it seems even worse than yesterday! What was the point in me paying double the retail price so I could play it from the moment of release, taking two days off of work to do so.. and I get this!!!!! I am so angry about it...
Same here.... -.-
i want my money back this error is bs either blizzard needs to fix it now or go to hell with the rest
I went to C:\ProgramData and deleted the folder and start the setup again.
I had to repeat this several times but eventually the install screen pop up.
It didnt fix my installation problems but at least i was able to hear the sounds :/
It didnt fix my installation problems but at least i was able to hear the sounds :/

That's the saddest thing I ever read.. :P

Anyway, not working for me either, this error is unsolvable. Have a ticket pending for a refund.
I am having the same prob. i am trying to nstall it from the page and it gets through the updating setup files and brings the install screen up thank god but then it stops saying the file could not be opened. this is getting old. waited for ever for this game and i get jack s***
same proplem blizz plz help us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me to ive done everything on the page that helps and nothing happend still the same error
I have the same problem 4. day ... i am very sad :( someone help pls
I have Problem 13 day Blpzts0000j PLees help Me
Same problem here!!! Works on my old computer but not on my new one

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