An unexpected decryption error occured. [Fixed]

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Getting "An unexpected decryption error occured"

When i am trying to install the game, anyone else?
Yep me too, moved it back into the file. And now I just receive the "An unexpected error occured". I'm starting to lose my patience.
Same here:-(
same here, and have just downloaded the game again, and it´s still the same..
Typical Blizzard, can't even make a game that you can install :(

Oh well i guess that's made up my mind for me, GW2 Stress test tonight it is then.
Yep had the exact same problem. Mine says "An unexpected error occurred"

Dis sux
And unexpected decryption error occured. Please contact costumer service" and I have downloaded the new installer

downloaded this 3 times now ... hope there is a fix
this is what blizzard say on the webpage

Unexpected Encryption Error: If the downloader is closed too early, you may encounter an error when you run the setup file. You must allow the downloader to close automatically before running the setup, if you experience this error or an error asking you to insert a disc, please run the downloader again and allow it to close itself. Please note that this process may take some time to complete.
hope so, what are blizzard doing??
i had the same error turns out i had the diablo 3 downloader in the background still while trying 2 install think it caused an error easy 2 fix however just remove the process and restart the Diablo 3 setup and i worked just fine for me
got the same problem, :(
Same here.
Maybe you should wait for the game to actuarly release?
you can install the game now, but only play the game when the servers open, that is what blizzard have said..
14/05/2012 17:33Posted by Akashá
Maybe you should wait for the game to actuarly release?


So you can experience all the problems while you could be playing?

Dumb statement is dumb.
Hey :)
i had this problem too.
went to my blizz acc and downloade a fresh game client and did let it run..
and now its installing :)
( it wont redownload all its just running smooth over it, just remember to set it to download to the same place as you set it the first time it downloadet)
sorry for my bad english.
Gl :)
Ok think i've worked it out, seems to come about by the download being unfinished.

Go and download the new download client from your battlenet account when its downloaded move it to your setup folder (where Diablo III Setup is) usually in c:\Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer.

Once its copied in there double click it (its called Diablo-III-Setup-enGB) and it will download the required missing files, i had to run it three or four times until it workred, you will know when it has worked as the downloader will shut down by itself.IMPORTANT...WAIT FOR INSTALLER TO AUTO INSTALL DO NOT STOP WHEN THE DOWNLOAD HAS FINISHED.

You should now be able to install.

Hope this helps a few people.
downloading it for the fourth time and the same crap... not like I would expect something different from blizz but still it is damn annoying(dull)
i'm in ruin. if htis goes on i ain't gonna see sanctuary tonight. :s

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