ERROR 12 - No license attached to account!

Technical Support
Just creating a new thread about this cause the previous one didn't have a good name for it! So i certainly hope someone at Blizz sees this one!

As it said in the title, No License attached!
What is this Blizz? Please respond, cuz I and several other have this problem, even though when I check the account status for Diablo 3 on it says Active. Look into this, and respond if this is just a glitch appearing because of all the overload on the servers. I got the same error when I tried to log on to the Asia-region.
ERROR 12! WHY OH WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Please fix this problem! Mine too says Active on!
Same here
at least you guys stiil got it on, mine is also gone from :|
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck get it up and running blizzz...
Same problem. I get the error, but the Battle.Net account says it is active. Chop chop Blizzard, fix this!
really annoying
same here....fix this pls:D

Please check our FAQ regarding this error:
im from europa and i chose the right region but still not maybe!
I used a EU key on a EU account. My region is set to Europe, and I am still seeing this error. Please advice.
so what do u do when u have set everything to the right region and whatever and whatnot and have the annual pass, but D3 not even showing up on B-net acc anymore, and when finally almost being able to log in to D3 it says u don´t have a D3 license attached to it?!
herp derp DOES NOT HELP
i have the same problem,IT MAKES ME ANGRY!!!
I'm in Australia and no settings work. Same error. Log in to and all is good but due to this error can't play.... This is why having constant connection is lame. If you have key you should be able to play no matter what
i know what you mean aye i am from NZ
From Philippines here..
ERROR 12 when trying to login! Got my battle tag set up properly.. I bought a DVD with the serial on it which I activate with the account


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