Error 315300

Technical Support
this is due to you spamming Ctrl V instead of typing password in
Don't just CTRL+C the "********". You are really copying the ***** and not the password...
I have been typing in my password everytime having previously been ctrl+v ing it from a notepad
Same error still even when typing the password...
Solved this..
Logged in windows as another user, then logged in diablo, logged back to main account in windows and it is working now!
Can't log in, getting error 315300. I am 100% sure that i am typing the correct details.
Hey guys i got the same problem anyone can help me?
it's so anoying!!! i only have one user -.-
also seem to be having this problem
And the worst part is no one from blizzard even told how the hell to fix it!
Stole my money -.-
And the worst part is no one from blizzard even told how the hell to fix it!
Stole my money -.-

If you're receiving Error 315300 when logging in, please check this article:
I'm having the same problem.
Tried all the tricks in this link

None of them works! Please fix this!
same error tried the fixes. sometimes goes to authenticator window then same error
i tried these too, but nothing worked...
same error here ... you were sold out everywhere i went ... i paid your much higher digital download price! ... and now i get this error ... i raised a ticket and it says you will try to respond between 24 to 48 hours ... did i expect a smooth journey? ... lol u must be kidding!
I have followed instructions at

15/05/2012 13:27Posted by Lurdlespor

but i am receiving the same error message (315300) . I cant log in to the game at all.
Guess this is the thanks for playing wow since 2005..
Come on Blizzard! Give us some help.

No answer on my support ticket yet that I opened over 12 hours ago..
I followed the link given above and i am able to log in from admin ... i need to figure out how i can avoid an admin only login now. Will check this post later for any ideas. Thanks.

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