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Earlier today after installing the game I decided to play a Demon Hunter to roughly the Skeleton King. I logged out of the game to have my lunch and when I came to log back in (without changing region in the options menu) the game prompted me to create a character again.

Naturally I thought this odd, as this wasn't the first time I had loaded into the game. Anyway, I create a random character just to get past that screen only to see that my Demon Hunter had been apparently deleted.

I knew with 100% certainty that I hadn't deleted the character myself, and thought that I should check the other regions to see if I had any characters there (despite not making any myself).

After logging into the American region, I noticed that my Demon Hunter was in the character list, but was un-selectable (stated something like 'Level 0 Hero' with no character model, on the main screen) and had no achievements / banner was different to what I had made it.

Now, I know (again, with 100% certainty) that I didn't originally create my character on the American region. I say this because I checked before logging into the game for the first time that the game had defaulted me to the Europe region (which it had) and because while playing, I had noticed that I was getting higher pings than you might expect while playing on local servers (200-400 range).

I checked again at this point (using the options menu while in game) that I was playing on the European servers, and low and behold, Europe was still selected. I thought nothing of it after that, and continued playing.

I can only assume that perhaps, despite having selected 'Europe' in the server region options menu, the game connected me to the American servers anyway (but perhaps saved my achievements / banner changes to the EU servers, which is why I can't access them now that my character is listed as on the American servers).

I using the OSX version of Diablo 3, on a 2009 Macbook Pro. i installed off of the retail disk.

Needless to say, I don't want to recreate my character on the European servers (for a second time) and have this happen again.

Please help!
Yes please do because I have the same problem... Why would EU Server's be default anyways?!

Hurry my day off of playing diablo is running out!

same Problem here ... the default setting from the beta ware still on American Servers .. and i dident check. so i create a char on the wrong server.

Is there any way to Transfer my Char to EU Servers?

same Problem here ... the default setting from the beta ware still on American Servers .. and i dident check. so i create a char on the wrong server.

Is there any way to Transfer my Char to EU Servers?

This same exact thing happened to me, but I specifically switched my server setting to euro before I logged in and made my character...Pretty annoyed that I have to do it all again.
Same problem. Specifically chose Europe before logging in for the first time, then created a character and played for a few hours. Now that I'm logging in for the second time, the character is gone from the Europe server, but appears when I switch to the American servers.
Same problem here... any solution?
Same problem.
I have the same problem. I installed the game , selecting United Kingdom as my country. My account is also set as United Kingdom. The game should at least prompt you when you start the game which region you'd like if it can't work it out itself.

I have a character in the Americas Region. Is there a way to switch it to Europe region.

I really don't want to have to start over. Really getting into the game.
Putting my name down here too because I wanted to try the Asia servers instead of US (being in Australia) I was hoping they might have better ping...

I wonder, is this a deliberate restriction? Apparently WoW is like this: i.e. your characters don't transfer to another regions' servers. :(

Please tell me this isn't the case!
Found something that kinda answers the question... in a bad way!

if this is true then any characters you create in a region are stuck there.
Found something that kinda answers the question... in a bad way!

if this is true then any characters you create in a region are stuck there.

the problem is i created my char on EU server. it's now on US server.
To be honest I just think Blizzard messed up big here.
I also made a 100% sure that I had Europe selected and played for nearly 3 hours on my Demon Hunter.
Went to eat dinner...came back...after struggling to login for a while and found my character had disappeared.
Finding this odd I tried different regions and there ya go...I found my Demon Hunter on The Americas.
What was odd is with my initial playthrough on my Demon Hunter I had none of my friends online (and I knew they had to be) also I was getting NO achievements.
Now things have been altered by blizzard Im seeing my friends playing and Im getting achievements.

So what I think happened is that some not so smart person at Blizzard had many accounts default to The Americas so we werent playing on Europe even though we had it selected.
As I also had a lot less "lag" when playing on the real Europe servers then I had during my initial playthrough.

So yep...Blizzard messed up big here...will they provide a "fix" for it?
I severely doubt ya know...Blizzard can get away with anything.
Im royally pissed as I just threw 3 hours of my life away...well sort of I did enjoy it but I have to do it all over again...which makes the second playthrough quite annoying because the company I bought the game of messed up and Im paying the price.

Big fail...once again Blizzard.
Same problem here :/

..though I admit being too eager to play to even check regions, assuming it would automatically be set to the most likely choise. All my other products are EU versions?!

I guess I have to create a new char from scratch
so the whole thing of missing hero or hero became level 0 and not selectable is because of region was switched??

Odd... first time I launch my game, I remember sign in, create 1 hero (DH), play for 1 min, exit game, had dinner, login again, switch to Asia region (I think default was EU), create 4 more heroes, play 2 (DH & monk) for a while, exit game.
Next morning, log in, got prompt for creating hero, created 1, found all my heroes created gone?!
Check region is still Asia... created heroes, play.... sigh...
Same issue here,

I SPECIFICALLY selected EU server, and now my character has vanished. The Americas is down but I can only assume that that's where it is, since it's not on Asian either.

REALLY pisses me off. Also because I have friends in both continents and dont have the time to do multiple big games, why cant I take my character with me?

But that is of less concern than the fact that I just wasted my whole day yesterday.

Not happy.
same problem here... something is wrong, I believe that Blizzard will solve this problem in future, othervise its not playable.
I just really want to know if we can start another class, or will the servers use an backup to retrieve the characters.

If so its no use to start another char right now.... blizzard hurry up. my day off isn't going to last forever.
I've got the same issue. I played my Demon hunter up to lvl12 yesterday. Logged in this morning to find my demon hunter gone and asking me to create a new character.
Same here.
Whats annoying about the whole situatjion, is that nobody from Bliizard has said anything about this. No answers.
I dont want to create a new character again just to loose it again to the amercas server.
Same here.

Spent yesterday afternoon playing a witch doctor. Before logging in I specifically made sure I was set on European servers.

Now my WD has pitched up on the yank servers.

I'm not overly fussed about a level 13 character but what reassurance can you provide that this sort of thing won't happen again?

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