RESOLVED: Failed to download a required file...

Technical Support
Hi all,


A: you are unable to load the game after install as the launcher keeps saying above error..
B: you are on a college network.. or a network with firewall restrictions on P2P downloading..
C: are from the United Kingdom..

then this is the fix for you ...

go to ...

select from the tabs - AMERICAS (NOT EUROPE!!)

download and unzip .tfil file into your diablo3 folder

= fixed.

I was trying this with the europe .tfil file and it didn't work. so tried Americas .tfil and it worked first time

also.. as a side note.. you might want to delete your \ folder within C:\ProgramData.. to let diabo remake folders for a fresh approach, though I found was not necessary.

good luck and hope this helps!!
Now it says "failed to read a required file. please close all other applications, temporarily deactivate your anti-virus software, and try again
ty soo much. worked *-*
Diablo III.tfil no download

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