Error 75 - temeporary outage of service

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everyone altogether 1.2.3 and crash the server lmao
15/05/2012 19:21Posted by Say10
12 years and they didn't have a hunch that this will happen. Imagine same situation in different market branch: "Hello Sir! Well, yes, You bought a brand new car in our Car Saloon and You can use it at will. Of course due to our new safety measures all cars must be connected to our network to work. In case our network is overloaded and You are unable to connect Your precious car is just an immobilized piece of junk. No Sir, You can not use Your car without network connectivity."

Priceless! :))))
Error 317002 at the character selection screen, gotten when I hit the RESUME button.

"Unable to find all the appropriate game configurations to create or join games."
I just got in! have fun waiting
!@#$ty servers, %^-*ty technical support, !@#$ty information, %^-*ty preparations etc... I bet the game is pretty !@#$ty too! A %^-*ty company on a pile of !@#$, is a %^-*ty experience.
retreiving hero list not working here either after getting kicked from the game 1-2 hours ago. Screw it..
im sure they'll fix it but FASTER PLIZ!
So addicted at the minute, cannot get access NOOOOOOOOO!
Let's play forum Diablo RPG while waiting

"I hit skeleton for 12 points. Skeleton dies. 23 XP received." Or let's... rather not... Sigh...
Been trying for over a hour now, now I get error 75 also
i was wondering this also, might just cancel
I got this problem, get stuck on Retrieving hero list and nothing happends.
and my Fiance that's sittning next to me can log in, but when he does and tries to enter a game he cant because his heros are "unknown and lvl 0"
Got past Authenticating Credentials now but now stuck at "Retrieving Hero List..." for the past 10min.
15/05/2012 19:17Posted by Tomeczekthc
Finally get in. CTRL+V to WIN!

Yeah if i hadnt typed in the wrong password.
blizzard you suck
I am so pissed ./.
i got error 75, like the rest of the european population.
Not sure if this has already been stated cause the pages are flying fast. They are doing a hotfix on the US servers atm and stated there would be kicks, hiccups, ect.. till about 11:30 PST / 01:30 CST.

oh Blizzard you never cease to amaze me....

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