greyed out log in button ...

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ive installed got to the main log in of the game i type my battle net tag and pass and the log in button doesnt function ... what do i do ?? did i waste 60$
Same here-5 hours i've been getting grey log in button :( Wth?
What do you mean by "battle net tag"? Your BattleTag? You shouldn't be using that to login, you need to use your Account name (the email address).

That's the only reason I've heard why you'd get a grey login button. Does that help?
Thank YOU! Now feeling a litle "moronic":)
Anyway 10x for the tip-it worked!
Gotchaaaa ok it is the email address after all ... triedb4 an didnt work this time it did :)
@Maeldor this one fixed it for me, Thanks!

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