This hero cannot be used with a starter edition license

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I just got Disconnected from BN, and when i tried to log in, it said my hero could'nt be played because of my license. anyone else having same problem ?

where do i go for help ?
same problem, trying to figure it out
Did you find a solution to your problem? I'm having the same issue at the moment.
What level is the hero on starter edition? I believe they are capped at 13. (I could be wrong)
If you defeat the Skeleton King or if you reached level 13 I guess.
Basically, you can't keep playing that character until you buy the full game.
Same thing just happened to me.

I bought the full game and have the (email) receipt to prove it.
I have the same problem. I've submitted a trouble ticket earlier this morning and still haven't got a response.
My credit card company has verified that the transaction was successful and the charge has been posted to my card, so they have my money... Randomly numbered errors are one thing, taking my money without providing the product in return is not. A response on this would be appreciated.
I have the same problem. Go to account. You will see that for your diablo3 game it says "Status: Starter Edition". It will also say that there is an upgrade available.

FOr me the problem was that the transaction did not go through.

Check your Transaction History and check if Diablo3 is there.
(if it is paid correctly it should say "Status: Complete")

In my case my payment did not go through so i was unable to continue further.
Once i paidn for the game i had to wait for a little bit and then i was good to go.

I hope this helps some ppl
Yeah, I've spoken to my credit card company and the payment was successfully charged to my card. So I have already paid for it. : /
In ur case im sorry but i have no clue
If you have new key add it, that If you bought the game elsewhere.
Starter key wont work past lvl13.
I dont know about the upgrade. Does it change the key type or what it does.
got the same problem
blizzards a rip off
I have the same problem now. I own a material copy of D3 so that's kind of proof too isn't it? :o
help,i loose the starter hero lvl 50 wihth armor etc pls help ,i joust start to play the game about 1 hour
This post is originally from 2012 : /

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