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After logging out for five minutes and logging back in my level ten barbarian in Diablo 3 has disappeared i know i did not delete him he just weasnt there as the game launched immediately to the character creation screen. Anyone else had this?
Same problem here.
I couldn't see anyone in my friend list online so in the hopes of fixing this I logged out.
Now my level 9 witchdoctor is gone.
Yup I lost everything including my blacksmithing level, achievements and the contents of my stash.
I think I will wait a while before I start playing again because bugs like this really piss me off.
On the bright side, my contact list works again.
Just had a level 5 character deleted. Doesnt make you trust it does it? :(
I have the very same problem. I also cant get any of my friends back and they cant re-add me. I just show as offline for them.

Whats going on?
I found the isssue.

Log out of the game. Before entering your password and logging in go to game setting's and change the server region from The America's back to Europe.

You will have your heroes and friends all back :)
after this maintenace my lv12 monk is deleted.... wtf ?
Try other server i found mine on American server and i know i double check it if i were on EU
I have the same problem! My character is missing, I left the bnet to change the region automatically, I played nearly 6 hours, and now I cant log on on Bnet USA, but EU works, and I dont see my character. I thought at least the savegames are global :( I want to play but I dont want to start from the begining.

Im from EU
i dubble checked to, its blizzard who fking it up by transfert allot of chars by mistake.
i think they wil chance it back soon
got my level 17 monk deleted aswell

6 hours thrown away..
I hope its just a stupid mistake, I want my character back!!!
SAME!!! but NOT found on any of the servers!!!!
yep the same my level 10 Barbarian i spent all day on has just disappeared :( if it happens again i'm going to demand a refund and never play the game again :(

I'm so angry! i spent most of the day not being able to log in and then my character goes after all that!

on top of that my friends list aint working either.

Seriously give me my character back or my money back.
Im almost afraid to login again to check if my lvl 19 barbarian is gone too.....
In the Asian server as well, I can't use my level 13 Witch Doctor, when I log in it prompts me to create a new hero. Is this a server issue?
I'm going to sleep now. *smh* I will be very unhappy if tomorrow, when I'm back from work, it still not sorted out and my characters aren't back! Good luck everyone.
Level 26 Monk was suddenly gone.
I'll try again in a couple of weeks when hopefully these bugs are gone.
Ok now I understand characters are server specific I think, I found my Witch Doctor in the US server, when I created my barbarian in the Asian server it did not carry through the other servers.
TY SO MUCH! YOU'RE MY GOD! Haven't been able to find my barb the entire day, and then you're little post fixed it! TY TY TY!

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