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Same here... =/
What's most annoying is my bf who logged in at the exact same time is happily logged in creating chars now...
Well...years of hype to sit here and wait another year or two. Silly blizzard us a game that really isn't playable until 3rd quarter 2012....
sadest thing is that there is not even an honest official statement why they messed that !@#$ up so badly .. I mean, a 9 year old could've expected this problems to come up within the first days after release
10: 22 a.m. PDT- We are in the process of performing an emergency maintenance for all North American Diablo III servers to resolve several issues that are currently impacting the game. This maintenance may cause some interruption in communication, ability to log in, use of in-game features, and disconnections. We anticipate all servers will be available for play in approximately 1 hour. Thank you for your patience.

Actually it says North America
It's launch day. As a friend of mine said earlier today "Every selfrespecting gamer is playing DIablo 3 at the moment". The servers are overloaded, this causes all kinds of login issues. I've been stuck at it myself, I shut down and came back abit later and then it worked.

Be patient. And if it's not working don't hammer the servers, go do something else for abit. If everyone continue spamming the servers with login requests it'll never start working properly.
I got in straight away but my mate next to me cant get on the hero list and now in game the hero wont load
I was going to be sober tonight, but because of this same problem like rest of you guys i am going to drink some alkohol and then try pass that problem!!
Got 3 friends waiting in not a grea way to spend the few hours I've got before I go to bed after work this.. Sort it out, Blizzard!!!
I've canceled a few good plans like working-out, drinking with my pals ..And now??Waiting to retrieve hero list while eating my nails and spitting them on carpet???U gotta be kidding me !
Fair enough if something gone wrong, sux and always happens with blizz but this stuff does happen with new systems...... but at least communicate with us, we all paid to play this!
Am doubting myself (waiting or retying). Waiting could be worthless if the server has forgotten about you.

Normally the server will get back to you. But after more than an hour it seems not very likely.

In normal operation the total operatiion should be a matter of seconds. So retying is probably best because then you "remind" the server each time. When they fix it you'll be in.

But I have not seen any blue posts lately...
You guys really though that it'd works properly as soon as the game had been released ? Even for Blizzard it's hard to deal with thousands (millions?) people logging at the same time...
they already got our money, laughing and drinking champagne.. i give up and accept the fact that they screwed me again.. oh well.. playing BF3 instead.
same here fix it please
got in, now trying to enter a game
blizz has these kind of issues, every release of wow, even sc2 failed on first day, now with one of their other prime games they FAIL again...... blizz realy fix ur servers........
whoa, it's down also.. all bnet servers but forum is gone :D
Add another... been playing without issue all day, logged to take a break, now cant get back in. Beenlike this for an hour so far. Stuck at "retreiving hero list". I only have one hero.
totally disappointed ..........................

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