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Got disconnected from the server about 1 hour ago and since then I've only been getting Error 3006 (The request has timed out).

I get through "Connected to List" but after that it hangs with the cancel button greyed out and after 1 minute or so gives me the error. I've been trying for 1 hour to get in.
Having the same Problem, hope theres a fix or it gets fixed asap.

Could you try flushing your DNS.

Power off your modem/router for 5 minutes, turn it back on and then perform this command.

Windows XP:
- Click Start and then Run
- Type cmd in the run box and click Ok
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

Windows Vista / 7:
- Click Start, then Programs, then Accessories and then locate 'Command Prompt'
- Right-click on 'Command Prompt' and left-click on 'Run as Administrator'
- In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
- After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window
Thanks will do and get back to you with how it goes.
I tried as you mentioned above, this did nothing for me and im currently still having the same problem. Any information you need or other fixes?
Doesn't work I'm afraid. What else you got?
Having the same problem - restarted router and flushed my dns; no effect.

This all started with D3 seemingly desyncing from the server; I was trying to change my equipment around and the items wouldn't move. Then I tried running around the map and it didn't update; I just reached the edge of the world. Eventually I exited the game and restarted, and now I keep getting error 3006 after a wait after it gets through the 3 steps of connect/credentials/hero list.
Same as Zizzel here..
Same deal as me - I equipped a shield with my 1h xbow then wanted to unequip it to give it to the templar - I couldn't change items, the map didn't update, my skills weren't firing. I figured it was a desync and shut off the game (Alt+F4 - normal methods weren't working).

Trying to relog I got the error.
Hah, I was doing exactly the same thing! I got a one-handed xbow and realized I had a magic shield sitting on the templar, so I was trying to swap my plain shield for his magic shield and the game desynced from the server.
Same problem, I think its a bug with the game. I was swapping shield and bow as well.
oh wow, seems the game doesn't like you trading with your templar. that's what broke it for me
I'm guessing we found a bug. Go go beta! Giving him items from my inventory was fine. Trying to swap an equipped item for one of his broke the game.
I guess a bug, too.
but it breaks accounts ? seems like an extreme bug
And it wouldn't be as annoying if I could at least log on and play a different character. But this has completely frozen my account. I would understand if only the demon hunter was stuck in limbo.
Same here - was switching shield on templar, while holding one hand xbox. Now getting 3006.
Well for now the only replies in this thread are the ones describing the bug - so yeah it seems a bit extreme. I wonder if nobody in beta tried to trade with their templar?
I would say lovely work blizzard :) They didnt send me a beta key, I think they had awesome beta testers. So now we are playing bug free game which goes frozen in 2 hours.

Additional info I am playing wow for years now and owning sc 2,
Having 6 lvl 85 chars. played at top ranked guilds such as ensidia and immersion

My wow play time is over a `YEAR`

But hell no, no beta key for me.

Even wow was dying we support with annual pass.

I want to mention this out cuz my well payed over 1000 dollars of money on blizzard resulting nothing atm.
This should really warrant them posting some kind of warning for others; trading with your templar seems like a common thing to do, eventually everyone will be stuck with the 3006 error. I am assuming it is not something they can just fix easily, probably going to require patching the server or client. Wonder if we will get some kind of compensation if our accounts remain frozen a long time.

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