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Fixing this !@#$ anytime soon?
Same problem. Wanted to swap my shield with the templar... Error 3006.
Same issue, thought I got it while joining a public game.
Last blizzard response was four hours ago, rather weak?
oh come on .. i played demon hunter try public game get dc from game and error 3006 fix it pls
how long will this last?
Blizzard, Are you here? ........................
flush dns dosent work
hoping my ce will arive soon, maybe that will fix it for me....
fix problem by flushdns dosn`t work. give me another way to fix it
2 day to go work! i will no sleep! please fix log in :(
when is tha patch!?
I think inmortals need siege mode.
This is bul!@#$. First servers are up after an hour from ,,release", next server are full so u can type like idiot pass maybe u got luck and enter.
After an hour with login problem, play 1-2h and get dc error 3006 and game will not start again.
THIS IS BUL%^-* !!!
Flocosul, Do you think templar need stimpack?
I would hit that templar in the face if I could log in
I was playing my barbarian, had the same problem with the templar + shield trading. Seriously WHAT THE !@#$ blizzard? How can you release a game with such a gamebreaking (account-breaking actually, cuz you can't even play on another character) bug??? This totally blows my mind. I stayed up tonight and called in sick for nothing, thanks for nothing.. bunch of amateurs.

i would'n't have expected after all these years of development something like this doesn't get noticed. FAIL
Have this bug too.

Hope our mourning will not pass unnoticed
Same problem, different way to get it:

I tried to join a public game and it just kept loading.
After I restarted the game, I can't log in now.
Shows error 3006 after "loading heros" has the green check mark.
Was a wizard, lvl 9 or 10, german client.

same happend to me, was playing witch doctor (english client)

realy the same story to me...

wd lvl 10, english client
I didnt trade any shield with templar. Just got a very long ,,LF game" and i alt f4.
When i tryed to enter d3 again i get error 3006.

Blizz u faild hard, this was suposed to be one of the hell launch of one of the hell game, but u faild hard. And worst of this is that u dont give a !@#$. U got ur money now what we can do ?! W8 like idiots, makeing post on forums and QQ like a bunch of kids.
Gj Blizz , i didnt expect less.
Blizzard launched the game in a ALPHA phase.

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