[Fix] Pc freezes at 12% of the installation

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Hi there, i dont know if there is any one that have this problem right now, but i had this problem the last 24 hours.

I couldnt understand why my pc kept crashing at 12% of the installation.
I finally did found out what i did wrong and i am here to share it so it may help any other that is having this problem right now

What i did wrong is closing the downloader when it said it was finished downloading.
It turned out that sertain files in that map was not completed yet even if the downloader said it was finished.

Its all about the following files

- Installer Tome 1.mpqe
- Installer Tome 2.mpqe
- Installer Tome 3.mpqe

If you close your downloader when it says it is done downloading, one or more of these 3 files
will be 0kb and there will be an extra file called (For Example) Installer Tome 1.mpqe.part

If you have any .part files in your map after you closed the downloader you wont be able to install diablo.

So how do i fix this ?

What i did is deleting the whole folder and started all over again.
But this time i would wait untill the downloader would close it self !!
The downloader says it is done downloading but is still trying to reformat/convert the .part files in to the normal mpqe files

After the dowloader has closed it self, the installer would appear shortly after that and the installation should work perfectly fine as it is for me right now.

My pc has been crashing for 20 hours at 12% of the installation, but is at 45% right now !

There might be more fixes out there that might help you out but this is the fix that fixed my problem right now.

As for now, i hope this would help you out.
I know how frustrating the blizzard installation can be, but be patient !!

Greets from The Netherlands !!
PS: Sorry for any incorrect grammar as this is not my native language.
77% now and updating the files at the moment.
It is still working :)

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