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What do i do? Its stuck at initializing on the downloader/launcher, I cannot play the game!!!
Stuck before or after you've gotten to click "play"?
Sometimes before i can click "play" sometimes after it...
Stuck yes! even if i hit PLAy nothing happeneds
same problem !!! dam!@!!!!
Jepp, im stuck on initializing and 0%. why why whyyyy?
bump, same problem here. Any solutions?
Nah, it's just Blizzard taking 10 years to make a game perfect and then releasing a buggy product.
Same problem here this is b.s i was playing last night
Bought the game on day 1. installed fine. Recived Error 3007 i dunno how many times.. troubleshot all ideas.. to no avail.

Day 2. Knowticed my External Hard Drive was not detected by windows 7. Worked to get that fixed to no Avail.

Day 3. continue to have Error 3007 and continue to not be able to see my External. Computer took 20 mins to reboot. tryed to revert to a back up day before i installed diablo 3.
Computer got even worse after the revert.

Day 4. Wipe and reinstall windows 7. Diablo 3 will now not install on computer and sits at 1%.

day 5. Still same issues. At this point i give up. This game has totaly screwed up my computer and ive wasted more hours trying to reconfig things to a happy place.

this game is a sick joke for someone who just wants to play a singler player hack and slash..

i should have never bothered with it.
I just bought the game and I'm stuck at initializing :(
Guys, i've got a solution for this problem :) (Just to be sure it helped me)
You should've just clean your "Updates" Folder in D3 and then just let D3 to reload all the patches.
Initialize will go for about 3-4 minutes now and you can play :)
at every update im experiencing same issues. over and over again. untill now the forums have helped me greatly by giving clues about renaming update folder and cache folder, open as administrator and closing agent.exe in taskmanager. 1 of these combinations worked sofar for me.

To be honest, im not very good with computers hahaha.

I've been stuck today on:

1: Updating setup files

2: Updating Blizzard launcher

3: Initializing

4: Updating

thats a bit too much to be honest.. any solutions besides reinstalling the game?(which gave me about the same issues hahahaha)

I prefer a clear solution which doesnt require too much playing around with files/programs etc... and if possible an integrated sustainable solution (Windows 7 btw)

If ppl require more info, ill be happy to give it.

p.s. i try to stay very calm in this post...

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