I found out how to get past the "Retrieving hero list"

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If you are stuck with "Retrieving hero list" you need to Alt-Tab, open the Task Manager in windows and end the "Agent" process in the list.
Once you do this and go back to the game the screen will change and you can select your Hero and begin to play!


It may not work first try.

Here is a post on page 3 from a guy it worked for..

"After the third attempt at this, it actually worked. Though unless you're able to get past the 317002 error code, you won't be playing either way.

It basically came down to getting the login status to "Retrieving Hero List". After ending the Agent.exe process you then alt-tab back into D3, cancel the login and try again until you can get the retrieval status.

May have been our luck, and maybe not. Either way, I've been attempting to log in for the last three hours and this has been the furthest progress I've come across. It beats Blizzard help anyway."


The agent process is linked to the Diablo 3's login process. I can only theorise that shutting down the agent process cuts the connection properly and somehow allows us to get into the game properly.

---Updated3--- Working for many people now

"Just got in on a second attempt of this method.

As soon as you get to the retrieval status, Alt+tab, end agent.exe, go back in, cancel the login and then try logging back in. it took me two logins to pull past it.

And when I say cancel the login, I don't mean exit the game."
doesnt work
Guys this works, sticky this thread or something.
You must not have done it properly.

It works if you're stuck on the "Retrieving Hero list" status.

I've posted it on reddit too where it has been confirmed to work.

So annoying to know how to fix this problem yet no one listens -_-
I can confirm that this dosnt work at all, but thanks anyway
You're stuck on the Hero list status?

Because everyone I know including the guys on Reddit and logging in fine now.

Maybe you're getting confused with the other errors?
Well i'm going to play the game now then, no point me hanging around here.

I can login fine now.
what is there to get confused about? your solution dosnt work. period.
Sorry mate, you're wrong because i'm using it to login and so are others.

Understand yet?
Hasn't worked for me and I am stuck on the retrieving hero part
Support trolls are my favorite.
Might sound annoying but try again? If I can help people I will, but i'm not gonna bang my head against a wall over it for people who flame me because it isn't helping them.

Maybe it doesn't work for everyone... I don't know.

what I o know is that a bunch of people who haven't been able to login for hours tried this and like me are now playing the game.

What else do you want me to do? NOT try help?

Whatever anyway guys, i'm off to play Diablo 3.
Didn't work for me, sadly...

UPDATE: Yea...I tried it twice. Must work for some but not all. Thanks for the attempted assist, anyway.
So I am currently hanging at "Retrieving Hero List". I'll shut down the agent process and try once again.
dosent work
No joy.... Sadness instead :-)
Mattavich, maybe Blizzard is hiring. Ya should go to the employment section of their site ;)
didnt work
Not worked for me. But thanks anyway.

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