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I have GTX9800 same problem basically. Every so often, not really a time on it, screen will freeze, then goes black, then comes back hyper speed for a split second. I've tried direct X9, old drivers, no heat 7 X64. The main thing I see all these people have in common is we are all running Nvidia cards and or chipset. You would think that the newest game to hit the market would be compatible with the largest game video accelerator in existance. Somebody dropped the ball in development on this, it HAS to be server side issue, since so many people are affected in similar fashions. Telling us to drop our frame rate to next to nothing is not a fix. We have gaming systems to play games, you make games. Fix please.
Fixed the problem at first I changed my foreground fps to 60 as some have said that worked and it did only for a little longer before the black screen then i set it to 40 lastedt longer then i set to 20 and it hasn't crashed for hours
Got a workaround solution that's working for me (no crashes since) until a patch fixes that altogether:

Downloaded Rivatuner, set Fan control auto-> manual 80%

Works like a charm now. Btw: There exists a file for signed drivers (Rivatuner).
The fix by Lurdlespor did NOT work btw.
same problem here...gtx 295 annoying!!!!!!
Same here. GTX 250... I think its some video cards (gtx 250, gts 9800, gtx 295 etc) are not fully or properly supported by Diablo 3.
Hello everyone,

Can you make sure that you check the following:

1) Set the Maximum FPS in-game to something lower than the default, try 60 FPS instead of 150, or even lower (40)

2) Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date:

3) Edit the D3Prefs.txt file in your Diablo III folder in your Documents library, and make sure the following line reads like this:
DisplayModeWindowMode "1"

Then test the game and see if it still happens in a Window

4) Check for overheating, I'm seeing a fair few posts here where temperatures are going over 100 degrees Celsius. This is way too high. Please ensure all fans are turning correctly and are dust free.

Its not about overheating or FPS. Its something with Diablo 3 support of certain graphic cards
As i post it on other threat, you can "fix" the problem by decrease the Max FPS option to 40-60 and it will run smoother and you GPU (graphic card) wont overheat and shutdown
same problem here GTX 295. tried everything. my solution was downgrade to 2.60 drivers & since then i'm playing at full capacity!!!!
Reducing FPS and other solutions does not work.

Blizzard please do something with this!! Me and many others have this problem and has no solution in this situation.

(Card 9800 GTX+ newest drivers)
I feel it to be very wrong that you need to tweak game settings yourself and improve cooling for just one game when everything else works fine.

As for Nvidia, if you want to take my suggestion ask around, talk to friends who are not struggling and check what sort of drivers they are using. My drivers ARE NOT up to date and I have no issues at all while playing Diablo 3, except for lag which is caused by both my bad ISP and server issues. I am using drivers 259.42, if you wanna give it a shot, see if it compatible with your GPU and see how it goes, believe it me, it won't be worse than what it already is...
This is not just a Nvidia problem, I have ATI Radeon 5870 and also get these black screen/lock ups.,..
I know it is not just Nvidia, but when I contacted Nvidia Custome Care I got a huge negative feedback about how the latest patches would be more unstable over these issues. The game defintely has a problem lying somewhere... I only tested Nvidia because that's what I own, have you tested old ATI drivers? Also there is a bluepost on ATI new Catalyst patch fix or something...
Nothing of results found have given permanent result.

Limiting fps does not work and my gpu did not overheat.

Atleast on me it seems to be completely random how it happens, sometimes I manage hours without freezing but there are moments it does nothing else.

Tested in "hign and low fps spots" with identical actions, freezing seems to be purely random and I could not figure pattern.
I got the same problem. At beggining no problem but after a little time of playing always black flashing screen because of crashing driver or something.

Got no problems in other games.
Had the same issue when playing, black screen and monitor would go to sleep, computer would still be running but would have to restart to do anything.
tried quite a few things including adding the game to the graphics card settings and optimising it for diablo 3 by changing the global settings. ran through all my system CPU GPU settings, looked at my temps and all that good stuff, but i could run other games like WOW and COD fine

I changed my resolution setting on my pc 1280x1024 and the game to 1280x800 , foreground FPS to 150 and background to 8 and settings all on high, and then changed to play the game in fullscreen windowed and it seem to work

for my friend who had the issue i changed his monitor to a 22" smaller to what he had, and set the same resolution for PC and game the same as above, and now runs like a charm.
i have the same problem, with my 285gtx amp... but my problem is only in rooms with water. i can play hours and hours, but if i had to go into a room, where some water is on the ground, i will get an black screen, and my latency raises up into red...

anyone also had this?
Followed instructions on the first post, got my sons working, dunno which solution there worked cause i did them all, but he's got the 9800 gtx+ the same as the person who posted it, so maybe they only work as a "get around" for that card... tyvm m8 btw, son's happy, im happy, and saved me buying him a new card "for now anyways :)"
I have not read your postings (!) but my computer tilted in the midlle of playing, and first I didnt know why.

Then I touched the upleft part of my laptop; it was Burnin` hot. I have a cooler under the laptop but it didnt help.. So I adjusted the cooler a little so the fan is right under the "hot point" and no problems anymore. :)

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