Error 740

Technical Support
Failed to launch "Diablo III Launcher.exe"!
Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation.

Launcher shows up to date, at game screen get message patch is needed, sits on this screen
and then throws the error.

Win7X64-latest updates
Try right clicking and "run as administrator"
Hey Reser, yeah running as admin already, AV is suspended as well
checking vid drivers now to Nvidia 296.10 package , villains and heros of computing.
Will update soon as that is done.
no dice, looks like version of the game is installed, make it out
on the game screen
Tried also deleting battle net folder, no luck
ok so after all that a reboot seems to of corrected the problem, off to play now
Same error here.
Tried running it as normal and now i am hit with a loop.
I start the launcher, the launcher tells me game is up to date and sends me to login screen.
At the login screen i am told a new version is available and that the client will close and download it. Now i am staring at the launcher again wich tells me my client is up to date xD
Any update available?

Edit : Fixed by re-installing
I'm having the same problem yet I'm stuck at the play screen with the box popping up..
I'm having the same problem as well, restarted and ran as admin, still doing it.
Same error even after rebooting, always run as admin

Do I really have to reinstall to fix this?
Is Reinstalling REALLY necesary? It took me the whole night to install it for the first time.. and I dont really want to do it all over again...

Maybe reseting the computer?
well i have had that problem onces before to tryed to reboot no succes reinstalled it after that it worked again untill now the latest patch came out the same prob started all over again.

Had send an ticket to blizzard for it response you get is you can find it in our support archive, but dind give me the right link to where it was. Nice searching like 1k of pages for your awnser and still cant find it:(
ok have been doing an little bit of searching for it now maybe this can help you guys:
Still doesnt work, i can log into EU server but not america where my main char is, any tips ?
yeah this morning i found this link the firts blue text is probarbly posted by someone from blizzard himself:
I play in the EU, but I play on US servers with my friends there. Now I can't get into the servers. Is there a fix to this or am I destined to not be able to play with my friends, when the only real reason I bought the game was to play with my friends?
This happens to me with half the patches. This is how I fix mine.

Steps to fix Error 740:

1. Follow all the steps here first including restart:

2. Go to where your Diablo 3 folder is located. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III
Right click "Properties" for Diablo III.exe then choose the "Compatibility" tab.

3. Under "Privilege Level" Enable "Run this program as an administrator" then click OK.

4. Double click "Diablo III.exe" (It will now update the patch properly)

5. When the update is finished you need to undo the properties changes on Diablo III.exe
Repeat step 2 then Disable "Run this program as an admin".

Once it's disabled again you can now run your regular launcher shortcut or you can double click "Diablo III Launcher.exe"

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