Why people hate Diablo 3 so much ?

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Okay first let me tell you, that I'm not a die hard fanboy of blizzard games. Bought wow year ago, never played d2 or first starcraft.
So besides connection problems, which I agree are pain in the !@#, why people rage so much about Diablo 3 ? I think game itself is amazing but according to metacritic, this game is unplayable. People $%^-* about graphics, gameplay, lack of attribute and talent points, no pvp and so on. I just want to ask why so many of you think that changes are something bad, you might think that most people would be happy to see a diablo 2 rip off with tweaked graphics.
I just don't get it... Why people feel... almost betrayed by blizzard ? It's not a "Best game of 2012" I agree but it's still hell of a good game which will be better when they release arenas.
I guess blizzard players demand "dream games" for their hard earned money and it's pretty much the same problem wow players have, they get angry at every expansion or even a patch, but after all, they keep playing "This !@#$ty dumbed down game".
Paragraphs are your friend.
Why do people hate Diablo 3 so much? It's fairly simple, Blizzard said that the game will be hard and fit for hardcore players. So, people started playing and progressing really fast in CASUAL MODE, people get annoyed and start crying. Only problem is that Blizzard was talking about the actual HARDCORE MODE, which for the love of god is impossible after Nightmare difficulty...
I Agree with Kunzzi, this game is just awesome, i just finnished Normal Mode, so i can talk:

The game is amazing, and i think it's hard to make better, great boss fights, great animations, great art, etc

But i will explain why some ppl hate Diablo 3, they dont hate Diablo 3, but when a game have so much sucess like diablo 2, and the next game comes 11 years late, people will start getting a mentality that no matter how game is, they will talk bad about it.

About connection issues, i dont know why people complain so much, it's a game where million people will play, it's normal if servers are not stable since first minute... only 2 days passed and servers are ok already.

I can send my message to Blizzard, thanks for making new Diablo game, i hope you make some expansions with new classes and act's , and my 60€ was well payed

Yeah there have been a few problems but I've really enjoyed the game and would love to thank Blizzard. When I met that first "Vampiric Electrified" group on Nightmare I really realised that the difficulty was stepping up. I wish it was a completely problem free launch of course but overall I'm very happy.
Wall of text crits you!

I don't think anybody dislikes Diablo 3, there is an incredible amount of rage because of login issues and lag though. Once these two issues are resolved a lot of people will change their opinion of the game.

The other issue that some bring up is difficulty, and this is because they're just not used to the Diablo way. Game will get easier over the time as more good gear is found.
Because people who are enjoying the game don't bother coming on forums. People who have problems with it do.
Diablo 3 is - by far - the best video game I played since WoW.

And I have been gaming since the late 70's.

500 board wargames and a few thousand video games later, I can say this game was the exact thing I was looking for after having played WoW too long.

Why? Mindlessly smashing mobs without much thought and without nerds hanging around.

Frustratingly difficult to find an update is kind what I like.

The only game from Blizzard I don't like is SC2. Not my cup of tea, but D3 is simply awesome.
TC your highest character is level 55. The game IS amazing until you hit 60. It's after that it becomes terrible.
Diablo 3 is - by far - the best video game I played since WoW.And I have been gaming since the late 70's.

D3 is by far the most disappointing game I have played, ever, and I've been playing since the late 70s as well.
14/09/2012 17:16Posted by Ghostlight
Diablo 3 is - by far - the best video game I played since WoW.And I have been gaming since the late 70's.

D3 is by far the most disappointing game I have played, ever, and I've been playing since the late 70s as well.

Well opinions do differ.

Apparently some people think they represent humanity as a whole.
I dnt hate D3.
I hate AH/RMAH system and pay to win design of game.
I dnt hate D3.
I hate AH/RMAH system and pay to win design of game.

What about play to sell then ?


Anyhow the thread was from May 17 th...

And I am glad a hater upped it a few posts above.

It shows the game gathered extreme hate just one or two days after launch ... And nobody even went near the Inferno difficulty and the so called aweful grind back then.

It shows the troll haters were reaching after D3' throath with ANY arguments.

Anyone remembers the fake massive duping stories, the LIES about session spoofing, all those so called fake problems...

It proves - with the date of the OP clearly visible - this game was the victim of its extreme success and the object of some idiots on forums was to sabotage it on forums as much as possible.

Even spreading lies like those session spoofing allegations.

Everything was good enough to prevent a second success game like WoW from Blizzard.

The result was that diablo 3 is now in its 11.000.000 millionth copy.

If you have never played any ARPG before, you will find D3 amazing. If you have played other games, you will find it disappointing. If you are an "old" gamer and you find D3 awesome, you have really low standards.
Arise thread long since dead...
People hate D3 because of the loot system, including RMAH and AH.
The rage is just coming from d1/d2 players that expected a similar game with better graphics and less annoyances. And with all years of development they should have gotten this. It turns out that the development team never really understood what d2 made the great game it was.
They've simplified the game too much.

Now they desperately trying to make something of this game as they realize it isn't great. But i just don't think they can bc some core things just can't be changed easily.

- bad randomization of acts (just 1 map with 1-2 "event spots", dungeons are ok, but too small usually).
- too dependant on gear
- bad itemization
- no continous leveling (well now there's paragon, but mf capping is stupid as it takes away the balancing between killing speed and magic find).

That doesn't mean it's a bad game, it's just not the game many ppl expected d3 would be.

I think Path of Exile will be way closer to what many people wanted and it happens to be open beta weekend starting in a few minutes, so i'm going to give that a try!

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