Diablo 3 Cracked server.

Technical Support
No I'm not gonna advertise or promote a cracked server or version of the Game.

Please read.

Since the launch the forums are full of complains and I haven't seen any change or any fix for all these.
Not just in-game problems like bugs, low fps, lag, rollbacks and many more but also with the players PCs. There are many people with high end PCs that can't play the game and there are problems even with the launcher.

Blizzard doesn't have an excuse about this mess.
They had MANY years to develop an awesome sequel of Diablo which was one of the best games.

We all paid 60$ or Euros or some of us we are still paying with the annual pass and the game is unbearable and unplayable, these problems ruin all the fun in the game and there are still people that didn't get the game even though they paid.

I feel like playing a cracked game and scammed to pay for it too.

I don't know what else to say.
Blizzard you're a BIG company and you get millions every month from wow at least.
We expect you to treat us well not like that.

I wish I could sticky this.
So blues and devs would see not just the problems of the people but their opinions about this BIG mess.

(yeah I'm whinning because I paid and waited for like 8 years for this game)
not quite sure how this is a tech support issue
moaning is usually better suited to the General forum
If you got it with the AP, you got it for free.

As for the problems, the only people who bother to post in forums are those that have problems they want solved. You don't see the thousands and thousands of people who are playing fine with no problem at all.

Sure, some people are having a lot of trouble but Blizzard will be working to fix that. They can't make sure that a game works on every single setup on every single computer with every internet connection in the world. Every game since the year dot has teething troubles for a few people at the beginning.
Well, I think you raise valid concerns for what it is worth, but I also have to say, that it is very easy to look through this forums and see a huge number of people having issues. Some will be due to their own mistakes (easily forgiveable ones too), some will be common errors that are already listed in the known issues with solutions and some that are still unresolved. But when push comes to shove, people come to the forums with their problems, rarely with their satisfactions and I have no doubt that if everyone that successfully installed and played the game posted here, the complaints would be drowned out. But people rarely post when things go well.

I know it all looks doom and gloom.. but out of all my friends linked on my social media (twitter, fb, steam etc) that play Diablo, only one has had issues... out of over 200.

This being said... what issue are you having specifically?
Sorry can't move to general now and wont dualpost also most people are in here.
Moaning has other meanings than this.

I don't see the millions that bought the game too in any public game.

I only see complains.

They can. That's why there was a LOT of beta testing and they even opened the beta for four days to test their servers and it's not just a few people.
Agreed. I have not made any change to my computer or my connection. I have not even visited other pages since launch. But suddenly I get 3006 issue. Is it random? Why has it started now? Why is there not a Bliz only sticky with updates on what the problem is? It is a large problem as seen from the forums. And just resently alot of people who could previously enjoy the game have now been booted.

All I ask for is communication. As for the rest, well I agree, you should get the positive feedback as well. And for that: This is the game that I wished diablo 2 had been, and Diablo 2 is what I whished Diablo 1 would have been. The other dungeon-crawlers, I wish they could be more like Diablo 1.

Great sound, great pacing, great items, great design. Metzen FTW

Just sucky communication. Which in context is the easy part.
Personally I had some disconnects and some achievements lost. No biggie.

I don't think there are any monkeys playing the game that don't know from where to download the Downloader, how to install the game or how to change the Region.

They are simple tasks.

Also some times people doesn't even post in the forums. They just read and check the posts and wait for a solution.

I'm trying to say that this isn't quality, it's like playing a private wow server with rollbacks and bugs.
wiggin#1199 is on my recent players list shows he has lvl 7,7,60,1,11,1 with 1.8 million gold and i never played a public game and my account was hacked dont play with this player and Hiddensanity#1385 aswell

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