Where do the Blacksmith PLANS drop?

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The blacksmithing pages and jewelcrafting pages drop randomly once you started on Nightmare Difficulty. They don't drop on Normal difficulty, only starting from Nightmare and up.
Plans and Papers are different things guys.

Plans are for set armours, and papers are just for crafting higher level !@#$.

I've also never seen a plans drop.
I got a white plan yesterday. It's the only one i ever saw. But i don't have a clue how to use it :s
17/05/2012 07:58Posted by Tenacious
I think the drop rate increases when you play co-op. I cleared act 1 nightmare mode yesterday with my friends, and i have 30

I somehow doubt you have 30 PLANS, it will be 30 blacksmithing pages.
exactly my point of view. D3 - best gameplay ever, but... such a pity they removed one of the best things in d2 - the excitement of getting legendary items on early levels.
the drop does not get higher if your more players.

Magic Find increases the odds for found items (from monsters or objects) to be "higher quality". Higher quality items are more likely to be magical, rare, set, or legendary, with different odds for each type of item depending on the Monster Level dropping the item and the player's Magic Find percentage. Magic Find doesn't make items with higher item level to drop since monsters have a set of items they're capable of dropping (eg. the highest tier of items will only drop from monsters with Monster Level 63) nor does it increase the quantity of items dropped.

Magic Find in Group

Since every player will have their own loot in cooperative play, the Magic Find in group situations will be averaged across the group.[3]
Here's an example with a group of three people:
Player 1's MF: 100
Player 2's MF: 80
Player 3's MF: 0
Magic Find for each player: (100 + 80 + 0) / 3 = 60.
To recap: Every players personal Magic Find will be summarized and then divided by the number of players.
This prevents players in public games from stacking Magic Find and tagging along while doing minimal effort in killing monsters but getting the best chances of getting great drops. This might also discourage cooperative play since other people with low Magic Find percentage might lower your overall Magic Find.
On Act 2 of Inferno with a maxed Blacksmith and still yet to find a plan. I hazarded a guess that once my Blacksmither was level 10 the recipes would start dropping more often but nothing of yet.

If anyone has any insight into which particular monsters they are getting these plans off (note PLANS not PAGES) I would be very interested to know.

I found Staff of Herding the first time I killed Izual on Nightmare, so I guess it's just a luck-thing.
Does anyone know if plans are reusable, or if they are consumed on use?

If they are reusable, it would make sense to make them drop extremely rarely, in order to build a functioning economy around the RMAH. It would also mean that if you find some real endgame item plans, you could get a steady supply to the market - limited by your access to high level salvage items, of course.
I bought a plan from a merchant in Act IV NM. It's not really that great at all though and costs 200,000 gold to make. Once the blacksmith learns it, it disappears.
i got 1 in act 1 on inferno
I got the plans for the staff of herding from normal Izual in a 3 player game. Currently about 1/2 through act 2 NM and that's the only plan I've seen so far.
I've only had one plan drop, from nightmare act 3.
It was for a level 4 crafted set...

so they are rare as hell, but then all stuff seems to be :)
Currently in Act 2 Nightmare....
I get about 10 plans per act in solo play....
dafuq?!?!? got 2x 50 lvl chars in hell and NOT even one legendary OR plan
Currently in Act 2 Nightmare....
I get about 10 plans per act in solo play....
i bet u mean papers not plans!.....
act 1 inferno, havn't seen any plans except my staff og herding.
17/05/2012 08:48Posted by akira
I think the drop rate increases when you play co-op. I cleared act 1 nightmare mode yesterday with my friends, and i have 30

i agree with you here, as i played co-op with my friends yesterday and just finishing off act 1 on hardcore mode i collected at least 15 on my own character whilst my friend also got around that many.

so i rate the plans will start dropping in Hardcore mode

we're not talking about the pages, but about plans for new recipes (to craft legendary and set items). i doubt you got 15 or 30 of those in a single run.
Confirmed drop of a rare blacksmith plan from random mob in inferno act 1. I'm level 7 blacksmith.
i found a legwendary recipe and a few others, they dropped on normal mode towards the end of the game. the legendary recipe is for a legendary bow lvl 21 called longshot and its VERY expensive to make but the chance of +35% crit bonus is nioce on it as well as other stats..

The plan is consumed on use

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