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when joining a public match on hell a3 q3 i get this error:
There was an error adding players to the game please try again (error 24001)
so when i try again it says:
error 300005
the operation is already in progress..

login in again doesnt work so im wondering how to get rid of it? has it been seen before and dit someone got rid of it already?

any help is mutch appreciated

as always my english isnt perfect im from the netherlands;)
greetz// mwmichelin

ive notice that the 300005 error is caused by myself.. trying to find a game while its looking for one.. however after i did that once in the bottom it doesnt show its searching anymore yet it does give that error
people are spamming 3006 33 and 37 so mutch this isnt even getting noticed xD
To the top! I have this error as well.
This only happens for the Imprisoned Angel quest on Inferno Difficulty.
for me too
Not played for 2 hours came back, still the same error.
Ye happens for the butcher quest in inferno, only that one
Yep, can't join inferno games at all.

Surely this needs to be fixed. I can't play the game if I can't join games or create them for the part of inferno I'm in at the moment.

Is this just Blizzard's way of telling us to roll more alts?
me too im on inferno and dont find games
yeah im on Imprisoned Angel act! thats a bug?
same here .__.
that butcher quest on inferno wont work^^
having this error as well. act 1 imprisoned angel inferno.
could we at least get a blue post as a sign of notice?

thought this was the support forum!
Got this problem also today, very strange that there's no word from blizzard about it yet.

Error 24001 for butcher quest
Same problem here for act 1.9 (The imprisoned angel)
I got problem with 1.9 inferno too :<
Got the same problem, on the same quest. The imprisoned angel inferno
Same here. Has been the same problem for a couple of hours now.
having this error too
Bumb. The problem still there, no response from anywhere, no solution.

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