Arcane Dynamo + Hydra?

Hi does Arcane Dynamo works with hydra?

If I have 75% dmg max arcane dynamo - then I use Hydra. So Hydra for time it is up will attack + 75%? That would be awesome.
I've tested this with Blizzard and hydra and it appears the answer is yes. My build is around attackspeed/crit chance/living lightning and arcane dynamo is the best DPS passive. 1-2 living lightning casts will get you the 5 stacks.
Yes it works with Hydra, it works with all none signature spells.
So the +75%damage thingy on the frost-ray for example - is for the whole cast? Till i'm running out of juice?
Ive heard with RoF and Disintegrate it works until you stop channeling. It doesnt work with Hydra tho, it consumes the buff but i dont see a damage increase.
Does it work with archon?
25/05/2012 00:43Posted by Swellzong
Does it work with archon?

Just tested

Yes, it does

If you hold down right mouse and don't let go, you will get the damage increase.
So how is it with hydra? Some writes it works, some writes it doesn't... If the hydra is 175% for its whole duration, it is quite OP.
Testing it yourself is not that hard. Just log in to the game, use hydra without buffs and then with...

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