Cannot enter "Mass Grave" act I

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Right so I'm playing through my second time and trying to sort out some achievements this time.
I managed to enter the mass grave on the pathway to the cathedral when I played beta but I am currently standing at the entrance and I have no option to enter...?
i believe these are random dungeons that only appear every now and then
As much as I would love to agree, I cannot. This is a short path that is completely fixed... and the mass grave has 100% chance of being on that path :s

EDIT: there is a link to a screenshot in the original post.
That is the static location for that dungeon, but it's not 100% guaranteed to be there on every instance of the map. That or it requires you to be past a certain point to start spawning as I rarely see it the first time I run through that place toward the Cathedral, but it spawned just now to go and look for it.
Mike - you are wrong, it's random - sure, it's always there but not always you can enter there. Just start new game and check again (or start new game again and again and again... like I must do :)
It doesn't work for me either. No matter how many time i restart the game, I can not get in.
Dont worry , There is nothing special in it.
I was about to write second in a row noob busting post about definition of word: RANDOM

Instead I`m just going to advice one thing:
Instead of going to forum, making threads and wasting your and other people time...

Why google stuff about diablo when there's a forum made for people to get help from other people ?
I googled it and it brought me here...
The location is always the same, but the dungeon itself have a random chance of actual being there. Just leave the game and enter again, keep trying until you get it.
It took me a couple of times, but it's available on Normal.
Either i have very bad luck or the chances of the Mass Grave area is low, i replayed the area 15 times in a row before it spawned for me.
It seem that location apears more often when (after starting new game) you reach it from the side of cathedral instead of going from old tristam

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