All my items disappeared ...?

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All items in my chest and inventory of my characters have disappeared, also 70,000 gold disappeared. Please help me. I played late at night when I was pressed to leave the game, and after that exit Diablo 3. But before I go, everything was fine. And when I entered all my gold and items in inventory and chest were gone. Please help.
Same happened here.
same here... WTF

Had the same happen to me, apparently there has been something similar on the US servers..?
I play in EU server.
yea had this problem and now i got in and they rollback me to yesterday,most of my stuff is back but its a huge rollback
Did any one else start in act 1 normal? We might have been hacked..
Nope at least I'm not hacked because I can't even equip anything on my character (I'm still level 60 but naked)

Everything I try to equip falls down to inventory space which means that the character is bugged.
Blizzard help us, we pay for this game..
Same happen to me. And my WD is utterly naked, and somehow ended up in late Act 3 and only just got to Act 2 lastnight.

WTF is going on.

FYI i havnt been hacked, its glitchs and bugs because i get an Error message (no number) everytime i try to do anything.
Happened to my lvl 55 Monk too. Sent a ticket and they offered a rollback to the last day, which would probably mean at least a 5 lvl loss, which would be just awful.

I would really like to see some official announcement from Blizzard, as the problem obviously isn't on our side.

I haven't played any public games, but after having my items stolen there were 3 in the last played games list. There were two 30+ lvl naked chars. The other one was online so I chatted with him and he said he had his items stolen too.

The third one was a lvl 2 Barbarian named ffffllll or something like that. He obviously is the one behind this. His battle tag was leiyong#1557. I have seen that name mentioned several times in the other threads as well.
same thing has happened to me, lvl 35 monk totally naked at the start of Act 1 normal, all vault items gone apart from the character bound stuff. i've never played anything other than solo.
bump same thing happened to me too.
SAME THING HERE.... wtf is happening???? I now pushed start again new chapter 2 and still im naked :S level16... WTF........... seriously???
I'm 41, nightmare act 2 and everything has gone. Equipment, gold, all stashed items. Crazy.
Same here, made a topic about this an hour ago.
This is another thread about this subject:
Again, 65 barbarian, 600k gold, 2 tabs of gems/items for AH. All gone
guys, my yellow teeth disappeared - I had 90 and some 35 in my stash. The ones in the stash are there BUT NOT THE ONES IN THE INVENTORY! Wtf?
Nice, i got my rollback....
-6 level (!) 46->40, lots of drop, -100k...
now i'm real angry to this 23%!%/+!/+

Nice solution for a server side problem.
I wish there was real life rollbacks, my sandwich has a hair in it. If I could choose another before paying such an absurd amount of money for this bacon and cheese, I would.

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