R.I.P. Russell Shirley

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Jesus christ. Learn2live.

Sorry if i seem insensitive, but feeling bad for this guy is like feeling bad for someone who wraps their car around a telephonepole while being drunk.

Sympathy and empathy aren't impossible concepts to well adjusted individuals, savvy?
he died because he got hacked perhaps -_-
100 million more copies sold now :) Someone has died while at his pc playing diablo 3 it must be imba omg i must get it nerd rage....... lol

Unlucky for the guy like regards to his family.

I drink 1litre a day of red bull or i just fall asleep alot... i don't know if I'm awake or a sleep its all the same Red Bull gives you wings maybe or il find out after i jump off this clock tower.
I think you all should read this post aswell as it contains some more information about it.

R.I.P. Russel Shirley (Diablo III's First Victim)
Err, have you read the comments on the article? Hope this thread is closed soon.

"Unfortunately the events portrayed are not entirely accurate and are being sensationalized. Russell struggled with health problems for some time and did not commit to a 3 day marathon session of Diablo 3. Many were excited over the release. The night before he was out with friends until 1am.

He will be missed. I hope this article either realized that they are printing inaccuracies are immortalizing him as "obsessive gamer dies from videogaming" or retracts some of these statements. At least look for some facts."

"Russell had struggled with apnea for the entirety of the decade and a half that I knew him, due to complications in that regard he’d had trouble managing his weight, but it was believed by the coroner that was at the scene that Russell had not died of a heart attack but instead died due to his apnea; it was an overzealous assumption on someone’s part that he died of a heart attack, there was no fact backing the statement. "

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