Achievements Reset - What?

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So I've just logged in this morning after a wonderful day of co-op yesterday.

I'm expecting to have a little walk on my own, y'know, before my friends are online.

What do I see instead? Fully reset achievements. From roughly 400 achievement points to 80.

Wow, Blizz'. Even my Level 10 & 20 achievements are gone.

Fully expecting a fix & a return to my previous achievement state.

"D3 is permanently online for achievements!" Well you won that one by a clear margin...
Hey Cahalin, we're aware of this issue and are looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Appreciate the (hilariously swift, actually) reply. I've never bought into the whole "Blues ignore EU"...seems I was right not too, heh'.

Unfortunately I'm still /sadfacing, which is making me /angryface. Am I safe to play & earn achievements again (either accidentally or intentionally)? Or will earning the same achievement twice gimp me in a way beyond imagining?
So is there a chance of our achievements being restored ? Just came online and went from 850ish to 320 which kinda sucks :(
Yeah i had almost same issue.
I was not getting any achievements at all.
I beat act 1 and i did not get the skeleton king or butcher achievemt, or any other achievement i should have normally got.
Hope Blizz fixes this soon.
I just went from 1000 achievement points to 440... this better be restored, can't get some again.

And my shiny achievements on release day wont show that date.
I have a similar issue where I am 100% certain I've unlocked some achievements (unlocking level 10 and meeting followers), but they don't show as unlocked.
Unfortunately we don't have any updates right now, but if you have any additional feedback on this issue, please add it to this existing thread :)

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