Screenshake... a serious issue.

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What I can't understand, how in the world is that annoying ...
My brain just simply can't comprehend the idea of how screen "shaking" could annoy someone... Really, someone explain this to me in depth because I have trouble understanding the problem -_-

When we see something our eyes track it. Some of us track differently than others and the "shaking" (or flashing which can actually induce seizures in some) can be physically problematic. Google if you don't believe. It's real for some folk.

I think it would be nice were there an option to disable it.
21/05/2012 11:15Posted by Kaoru
Hope I was clear enough...-_-

Well, if you were trying to make yourself sound like a jackass, yeah, you were pretty clear.

How 'bout having either a little empathy toward others or, if you can't manage that, just keeping your snide comments to yourself?
Have they given any answer to this? I really would like to see an option to turn this off. Playing with 4 people group feels ridicculous when the screen shakes a lot. After 2 hours of Act III my eyes felt like I haven't slept for days. Therefore I had to quit for the day.
I really hope they add an option to disable screen shaking. I'm trying to play through the start of act 3, the part where there's a siege on Bastion's Keep, but the constant screen shaking makes this nearly unplayable for me. Nearly throwing up because a game doesn't have a disable screen shake option is not something I expected from d3 :(
Good to see constructive replies and experiences :)
I sincerely hope they at least take this in to concideration as it is a real issue for some of us.

I love Diablo III and will play it as long as I can, hopefully with less shaking in the future ;)

I have arachnophobia, blizzard should remove the spiders from the entire game :)
i find the first parts of act 4 to shaky aswell. really hope that they add the disable shake option.

Hope I was clear enough...-_-
You clarified nothing?

All you did was compare apples to pears and seem to be proud of it as well.

Screen shake is a bit of an issue when trying to pick up items from the floor, trying to pick blues and yellows, picking up whites and greys instead. But other than that it's not too bad. Options and choices are good.
Screenshacking is bother me alot, i don't have real health problem with that, but i do feel VERY uncomfortable of constant shacking my screen, while playing D3.

It has NOTHING to do with game athmosphere for me.

I also did't bothered to create a spicial topic for this (to not attaract trolls), but i do know people have real life health problem with this, so i just can hope Blizzard will have an option to turn it OFF (which i will also use with pleasure).

So i will just sign here, support topic starter and wait for Blizzard solution :)
Bump. Disable this stupidity. It's an awful effect.
This thread i can absolutely agree with. I played monk as my first character and after playing for 5 hours i thought i should take a break.
But while i did i also went to the forum for a bit of reading.
I swear i couldn't stop feeling as if the screen was shaking every other second and i felt sick.

Didn't play for 2 days after that and when i came back i made a witch doctor instead to reduce the shaking.

I have been playing games for over 20 years and i have never had any problems with this kind of stuff before.

Would love to see feature implemented that lets me turn the shaking off.
make it so blizz, plz
Maybe this is why I feel a bit exhausted after siegebreaker runs :p
It doesn't bother me (the shaking that is).

It would be nice to turn it off though, maybe even help pick stuff up easier :P

Anyway, I give you a +1 for an idea to help others :)
I don't even know what are you talking about ;O

I played like 250h and didn't notice any "screenshaking" I have to be blind or something ~~
I know what you mean, some of the times when the game is at its "shakiest" i've gotten disoriented, just for a split second but still, its not a nice feeling.

So yeah, while i'm not affected that much, an option to disable it would nice.
16/06/2012 01:46Posted by Falcorn
Maybe this is why I feel a bit exhausted after siegebreaker runs :p

Try playing a Barb with Frenzy/Beserk. It's ridiculous.

I can't believe how poor the lead designer must be at his job to allow that "feature" to be put in the game without taking 2 minutes to program in the ability to disable it.

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