Stack ? Hammer of the ancients & Threatening Shout ?

Hi everybody

I'm barbarian lvl 52, in Hell at the moment, and i was looking for a way to get more stuff from random minions instead of big bosses.
As i lvled up i found a combination but i'm not sure it is working that well..
i tried the runes Grim Harvest ( from Threatening Shout ) & Birthright ( from Hammer of the ancients ), but all i get is more gray & white items which is.. pretty disappointing ! I haven't notice more blue drop from epic monsters, and the quality hasn't changed neither.

Has anybody tried that combo? Is there a better way to get better stuff?
You should/can try that when you ding 60 and kill 5 elite packs each pack gives you a buff that increases the loot and gold drop stacks up to 5 times and lasts 30 mins , refreshes/stacks go up when you kill an elite pack , presists trough death and is only removed if you change act/skills
Oh alright, so i should try this build when lvl 60 and not before that point, thanks for your answer !
I dont think they work that way.
From what ive seen is they drop stuff when you apply shout or crit and it only seems to be first time you crit or shout.
Cause ive had bosses drop a blue item before they died, i dont think it increase loot once they die.

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