Stuck Inferno act 2 Barbarian...

so i'll first tell you i am a tank class!!! i'll show you my build
atm i have 70.20% dmg reduction from all stuff from my lvl,
i have around 86k hp self buffed,
block chance of 22% dodge of 14.7% physical resistance by 17.13% and all my other resistances run around 20% ish. i have very good gear and i have no problem on beating act 1 inferno with a grp,( i don't bother solo as i am a tank barb!!! )

i am made for keeping mobs on me 24/7 with the stun and pull em to me and taunting them afterwards! wich makes up for alrdy 7 secs that there on me, with the cleave they won't get near my ranged buddys at all! and when i feel stuck i bull rush out or when revenge doesn't proc right!!! and with all the percentages of percentages it just doesn't feel right

getting one shotted in inferno act 2 by melee mobs...

i tried other stuff the ranged barb... the pure wrath and earthqauke destroyer... nothing works... i have not seen a barb further than inferno act2... unless carried by 3 wizzards...
hmm can you tell me in which part of act2, maybe i can help you.
I will write guide anyway:
1.This is solo guide and im currently finishing act2 without problems. I never got stuck anywhere.
2.Buy on ah gear which will give you critical damage. Crits are your main source of dmg. I currently have 200%+ crit bonus dmg.
If you stack with my build:here:!aZU!abbcaZ
critical damage is veeeerryy good.
Just dont go too much, you still need vitality and str.
3. Str, vitality and critical bonus dmg are your best friends! Balance them!

*If you have gear with other stats then that go to auction house, there is relativly cheap substitution. You DONT need uber epic gear which cost 300.000k + per piece.
60k-80k max per piece give, you will chage it soon anyway. I personally paid about 30k per piece :D

4.SHIELDS SHIELDS SHIELDS! You cant survive without them soo you will need 1 h wep.
Buy 1h weapon wih socket, crit bonus dmg, and str. If you can put some vitality it would be great too. Atack speed is not priority.
Now the best part: Socket weapon with emerald gem which gives critical bonus damage.
40% is fine.

NOTE: You sometimes need to adapt your skills. But soo far i rarely chaged it since i created it.
Default build:!aZU!abbcaZ

1. With frenzy you will get superb atack speed and crits are gonna fly around insanenly. Its kinda mesmerizing :D
I only change to frenzy with smite rune only when im fighting some hard minions.

2.Whirlwind is useful for aoe obviosly but also for 1 more thing. You can move through mobs and bosses. Very useful if you get surrounded or to get behind boss.

3.Dont use Ignore pain when you are low on life! Use it little before major bursts!
Combined with relentless passive skill it really saved my !@# many times.

4.Battle rage with damage is good for downing faster minions and bosses.
It is very important cuz when you activate berseker with 100% damage bonus, battle rage shines! Important for minions, because you only have 15 sec to burst them with berseker.

5.Why berseker? Because you CANT be frozen and feared. Combine it with ignore pain and your damage gets reduced hugely. Even you get bellow 20% rellentless talent will give you 50% dmg reduction soo again you will die very hard.

Passive abillities:
Pound of flesh for heal runes spam and heal, Ruthlesness for crit dmg bonus and relentless for survivability.
i am not looking to solo i am looking to tank the mobs taking the dmg as much as possible but still avoiding stuff though but just to make my ranged get to go full out dps
i don't bother the solo tbh!
and i just want to point out the weird part of me being able to do so very easy in act1 but one shotted as super tank in act 2
Thing is inferno is kinda strange.
Its not meant for tanking atm, its all about kill them faster before they pwn you.
You cant make 100% full proof survival build and gear because mobs simply hit too hard.
I found tanking fun on nightmare, but on inferno.. its just not worth the effort of spending mass gold and time on better gear.
I totally agree. I was Dual 1HE all the until act 2 in hell.. But !@#$ is just too difficult. You gotta make sure to hit em before u do.. Single mobs I have no prob with.. but switch to elite packs and theyll just freeze u, fart on u and kill you. :(
I totally agree. I was Dual 1HE all the until act 2 in hell.. But !@#$ is just too difficult. You gotta make sure to hit em before u do.. Single mobs I have no prob with.. but switch to elite packs and theyll just freeze u, fart on u and kill you. :(
I did find out the wrath of the berserker + earthqauke and 65% dmg reduction ability quite handy but then again you have to wait every time for thoze cds so inferno takes extremly long....

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