How to get high dps as mage

Hi! I see wizards running around with 16k -20k dps. How exactly do you get that much. I have around 1000 int with 400 dmg weapon. I also use magic weapon.

But still with higher dmg like 600 weapon dmg and higher int i will still not have that high dps, I have around 6400 with magic weapon on.

WHat are the biggest factors for dps for wizards? Do attack speed scale with spells i.ex?

Thanks for answers
Biggest factor is weapon since every skill scales off weapon damage. Probably second comes int since you can get easily around +1k which means more than 10 times the damage.

And yes, most spells scale with attack speed, not ones like meteor and hydra though.
try gettin +attack speed / +dmg in rings/neck since it boosts ur dps really nice then int
You should be looking at the weapons big DPS display, not individual damage numbers. If you're level 60 you should be having a weapon with at least 800 dps. There are ones up to 1300 dps or so but the price goes up fast. I have seen wizard with 40k dps, but that was propably 4k health build that's not viable anymore.

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