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Crafting and Items
I saw a tip tooltip pop saying you can combine pages to create a tome of ... But how?
I ask becose i closed the tooltip too fast before properly reading it.
same here, cant understand, in beta you could combine 5 pages into 1 tome.
How do you even get these pages?
Well, jewel crafting and blacksmith crafting pages are available from nightmare difficulty act 1 ... So, enjoy! I will tell you this, though: The game gets more and more interesting as the blacksmith goes up, level by level.
yeah it says just right click to turn 5 pages into a tome but it doesnt seem to work for me, ive got like 18 pages but they wont convert
Troll blizz
Making !@#$fist tooltips
It said right click. I really haven't tried it yet but you might need to shift+click it, take out 5 pages of a stack and then right click it.
Hmmm... that doesn't seem to work destruktive. I've tried everything I can think of in game, and can't get them to combine or react at all.

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