Technical Support
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to late
Soon (TM)
Also *hint* Theres a explantion of whats happening in Breaking News.
Looking forward to being able to paly -.-
Exactly Halbu!
Sigh. I need to never log off again.
i have a friend playing at the moment so..
As long as the airconditioning hasn't failed again or such its ok :p I'm still lolling when that happened to the datacenter in France.. not their fault thou ofc, but funny :')

Anyway, hope they fix it soon.. meanwhile I'll go ahead and whine a bit on these forums about how badly I wanne play ;D
give em time to fix it. to thous who said that diablo 3 is the must bugged game ever made. then try Battlefield 3 and talk about game of bugs winner of the golden poo
20/05/2012 14:02Posted by Superbib

No !@#$, tell us something we dont know!!
isnt it nice to say ppl on forum or in game like wow that you doing maintence? nubs
20/05/2012 14:07Posted by Pvescrubs
Looking forward to being able to paly -.-

Don't have "paly" in D3 (j/k, trying to lighten things up a bit)...
i am playing fine.????
When can i go play again i cant hold it be more longer! :D
How come, only the eu server is down for maintenance. Do you test how to fix it on eu, and then quickly fix it on the others servers, so they wont have any down time?
If so, could we somehow try leaving the EU server for once, and figure issues somewhere else?

Dont get me wrong, im fine with maintenance, idd just like to know why the eu server is the target, again.
Awww, hope it wont take too long. Looking forward to Nightmare Belial. x.)
With any luck, the achievements server will be back up once maintenance has finished. I must admit, though, I can't comprehend how a 45-minute maintenance period is utterly ruining people's Sundays. You have a lot of Sundays left in your lives, y'know.
How can it be down when i am ingame and playing, so is my wife..

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