Diablo 3 story is terrible

Lore and Characters
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How can you kill a main character like Cain especially in the first act?
Tyreal decides to stay human! The fact he is Human for the whole game is bad enough.
Mystery of heaven completely gone they are now fully allied with humans.

Don't get me wrong I like the game and the cuts scenes are great but sorry Diablo 2's story was way better by a million miles.
Did you happen to see how old Cain was?
It would be a wonder if he had the strength to come with us on the journey
He was old in D2, now we are playing 20 later, and he have been traveling almost all the time

And why is it so bad with Tyreal being Human? I see nothing bad with it? care to elaborate?
well i agree with uyou both in a way i guess.. cain is a legendary character for the diablo universe, as for tyrael he looks cooler as an angel, but i also enjoy him as a human.. anyways iam loving the game so far.. to bad cain died so soon...
Well Cain was 82 years old in an dark age setting kinda impressing. For me his death was more sad and it gave me an drive to avenge him.
And Human Tyreal I like him kinda big to sacrifice immortal age for mortality purely on the belief on humanity.
The allience well my enemys enemy is my friend thats all I can say
another raging kid with no explanation on whatsoever the game's story did wrong....seriously....
It sucks that Deckard Cain is dead because i liked his voice and he was the most knowledgeable about everything.
Tyreal shed himself of his power as the Archangel of Justice, and he rejoined the Angiris council as wisdom...wait, wtf? Blizzard have screwed up their own bloody lore because Humans do not belong in the Angiris council which consists of ARCHANGELS.

I think that if there is going to be a Diablo 4 the story is going to suck or be rather silly.
The Horadrim are now all gone and the only Nephalem left are the five protagonists.
Or maybe a human joining in is a sign of the alliance? :O The arch angels make the rules. Now read a bit up on the story before crying.
Tyrael shed his power as there was no justice if he remained an arch angel.

No mortal had ever set foot behind the Diamond Gates until Diablo destroyed them, the High Heavens deemed Humanity too dangerous so they stripped humans of their Nephalem powers.
A rule was set that the High Heavens were NOT to intervene with any affairs the Humans had, but Tyreal did and he broke that sacred rule.

You're saying that there would of been no justice if he returned to the council as a Archangel, yet he rejoined the council still. It seems like you need to brush up on the story because errr, houston...we have a problem.
Tyreals sword El'druin is more useful than his own mortal !@# now.

Basically - by making an alliance they have gone against all that. If i was say Imperius, i'd feel like a fool and i'd be ashamed.
The ending is completely uninspired drivel. This was supposed to be Diablo, a dark/gothic fantasy. The model used for Diablo was not imposing or intimidating and felt off.

The twist could be seen a mile off. I dislike the way they reused (and rewrote) Adria and failed to recapture her feel. They would have been better inventing a new character for that purpose.

The writing team needs to step up its game because a lot of dialogue seemed awkward and poorly written (never has the word nephalem been so overused). Also, Cain's death and Adria's betrayal should have been imagined in a cutscene as they were pivotal moments to the plot and were denied their justice in the way they were delivered.

Fair to say I think the ball was dropped, story wise, more than once. With that being said, all other aspects of the game are fantastic, bar the server situation.
Well first of all they didn't say that Tyrael became human, he became mortal, since seriously, no human, even in diablo universe would survive dropping from heaven to the earth.

Anyways the story didn't feel as much Diablo as it used to be, storytelling and plot overall was really dumb (Diablo is alive again, let's teleport straight to heaven now, last time he was alive, he wanted to destroy/ocupy Sanctuarium but hey things change), there were some really bad parts, everything spoken some obvious and childish language, Diablo porting to Heavens and saying to himself, yeah im gonna teleport to heavens and destroy them.

This game couldn't been made for 10 years, seriously.
The ending is completely uninspired drivel. This was supposed to be Diablo, a dark/gothic fantasy. The model used for Diablo was not imposing or intimidating and felt off.

The twist could be seen a mile off. I dislike the way they reused (and rewrote) Adria and failed to recapture her feel. They would have been better inventing a new character for that purpose.

The writing team needs to step up its game because a lot of dialogue seemed awkward and poorly written (never has the word nephalem been so overused). Also, Cain's death and Adria's betrayal should have been imagined in a cutscene as they were pivotal moments to the plot and were denied their justice in the way they were delivered.

Fair to say I think the ball was dropped, story wise, more than once. With that being said, all other aspects of the game are fantastic, bar the server situation.


also, when I saw diablo's model my mind went straight to a queen xenomorph like in Aliens. Anyone else think that diablo looks like a queen alien from the alien series?
The biggest change in story is that it's in fact, your story, the players. It's about you and the characters you meet to make this story.

In the other ones, let's take d2 as an example, it's not your story, it's Marius's.
All the story and exposition is told in amazing cutscenes, seriously, just youtube and watch all of them in a row and tell me they dont kick !@#, they alone tell you everything in less then half of all the explanations, cutscenes, journals and dialogue you get in d3.

Anyway, you, the playesr basicallly follow in Marius's footsteps and clean up the mess he and the wanderer made. It doesnt focus on the party of heroes. You just apear out of nowhere in the rogue camp and help them out and ultimatly face the prime evils.
(Oh, and by the way, that little spirit of Marius in act4 was disgustingly bad~)

In d3 your character actually sets a goal, that being the fallen star. And from there it flows on.

Personally i liked the older method, as i said, those cutscenes are amazing, way better then the cliche, almost trailer like cutscenes we get now.

I also feel that most of the story in d3 doesnt completely add up, like your characters motives, in d2 it made sense since you pretty much have no motives, but since you have an actual personality here it kinda falls flat and lifeless(like the voice actors)

Another thing that was incredibly weak in the story where the villains.
Again, looking back at d2, you NEVER saw anything of the bad guy's you had to fight, like andariel or duriel, not much of mephisto either. While the game does tell you about them, just how horribly evil they are~
In this game they physycally taunt you all the time, they talk to you way to much, while they never said a word to you in the first one, untill you walked into they're chambers. I remember $%^-ting my pants over andariel 10 years ago, And the butcher from the original game was the first (and also last) thing to ever send me screaming outta the room.:P
I dont get that here, we know what they look like, what they sound like, and what they can do before the fight even starts.
And when they do start, welp it feels like a WOW raid, they werent really chalanging just touch, they have a ton of hp, but, no charm.
i have to agree. the story is god-awful, a cliche ridden piece of garbage.

they sucked out all the mystery, for some reason felt the need to humanize tyrael(really one of the worst plot ideas i've ever witnessed).
also, they introduce characters only to kill them a second later(taking a cue from a song of ice and fire... nice... NO you're doing it TERRIBLY!). quite honestly leah was an irrelevant character, and barely a relevant plot device because, low and behold! WHOOPS SHE'S A WALKING TALKING CAN OF INSTA-DIABLO.

don't even get me started on the deus ex machina crap that is the black soulstone and, obviously, leah's WTF transformation into diablo(i did very much like the model though).

diablo used to be about mystery, suspense and horror. i didn't want my character to be relevant to the plot, or to have motives. all i want it to do is learn skills and get armor upgrades. i sure as hell didn't want tyrael, the agiris council and the forces of hell personified. their enigmatic nature was pivotal to diablo's(past) intrigue.

about the only thing the story did right was cain's death(not that it was a proper sendoff by a mile, but at least it had the balls to do it).

what really struck home was tyrael's angelic voice(or any angelic voice for that matter) not echoing anymore... that's just... why even do that you sadistic b-astards???
Well, for all the stories Blizzard's made recently... This has been the best. That said, it's not good. I was sincerely expecting something like "Even Greater Darkness (tm) is coming, we need to ally with our old enemy, Diablo!" as that's been the main story in every single Blizzard game eversince Warcraft III, counting out some of WoW's smaller stories.

Kudos for killing Cain, it was a bold move and overall quite well done, even though the slightly cartoony graphics ruin the moment on the ingame cutscene.

Overall though, the story had a feeling that Act I was made first, then the rest was rushed. Act I's longest, too. It has good moments, less annoying boss-demon-taunting-you monologues (even though there are some, they still fit in). Above all, it still follows clings to Diablo I and II's athmosphere. Tyrael being the Stranger is no surprise, however, and without the echo his voice feels off. Even worse, he doesn't feel like the wise and brave Tyrael we know - he feels like a dumb side npc nobody cares a crap about. You know, the black man in the movies who always gets killed first (no racism intended). This is a huge demystification of the character - almost to a point of ruining him.

Act II is the worst. It feels rushed, story jumps ahead with huge steps and we get introduced to a badly written companion. The good twist is that everyone can guess from the start the boy king is a demon, and it's never blatantly underlined - even better, none of the side or player characters even are like 'oh noes it's a le demon boy king, we have been betrayed'. That does, however, raise the question of how can such a Lesser Evil call himself the Deceiver - after all, he didn't really fool anyone.

Act III picks up again. Arreat, siege, scenery that brings back good memories. It's all well made and good. Except for drawn out "search item a or place b or item c from place d then return them to place x" that include constant hologram of mr. Azmo or his lieutenant making empty taunts. As someone pointed out before, demons in Diablo used to be scary because they only spoke a line or two on demonic voice - right before they charged at you. Long conversations that boost your character's ego by making him/her taunt Lesser Evils no one can kill is simply making the demon lords feel like annoying loot automats.

Act IV: Well, there's the moment where you see Leah die. For me, it felt good - she was a meaningful character in the story and having no one to pass on Cain's teachings anymore feels like a true loss. Moreover, she just dies and it's not needlessly dramatized - except for Tyrael's ridiculous comments, loss of self esteem and overall non-Tyraelish behaviour. If he didn't feel like the archangel from Diablo II through the game, this is where you actually start wishing you could just push him down from a bridge in High Heaven. And then the Heavens themselves...Again, Diablo II had that "I need to go to Hell? Really?" moment before you step through the portal and Diablo III manages to capture the same feeling. At least for the few moments before you realize that yes, this is the capital of angels and yes, they're all petty whiners who are just as bloody annoying as the demons you kill. Then there's Diablo who also finds his voice to constantly tell you how you didn't just ruin all his plans - up to the moment where he dies. This is where it all goes wrong. Angels don't feel like the virtues they represent, demons don't feel terrible, Diablo feels blatantly stupid in his "hey I just ressed myself and now I charge into Heaven with this new female body I have" thing he's got going on. This, more than anything, makes ruin to the feel of Act IV - Heavens in themselves are well represented and visualized, granted you could've just claimed it was angels' most important bastion or somesuch instead of *the* Heaven.

Summarized, the storyline in itself is fairly alright. However, angels and demons being reduced to squabbling punk kids is a huge let down and the way Tyrael is handled in the story I could call sacrilege if I was a huge fan of his. In short, the story's trying too hard to be epic and ends up being ridiculous instead. And saddest part, of course, is that this is the best story Blizzard has created in a while.
Dalethas that was one good post, and pretty much summarizes my feelings about Diablo 3.

Another thing that I reacted to is that there are some major plotholes, how did Mephisto and all the others end up in the black soulstone? Did they even survive the shattering of their soulstones in Diablo 2? I thought that the story made it quite clear that destroying their soulstones would pretty much kill them. And in D2 Diablos and Mephistos soulstones where destroyed.

And the animated movie Wrath implied that Imperius would have a larger role in the plot, maybe even turning bad, because how Diablo stated that he contained a lot of anger/wrath. And how Diablo said that Imperius feared that the other angels would see him for what he really was.

Well they left a lot for the upcoming expansions, but I really wished that the storyline was more coherent.
Azmodan and Diablo felt like I was watching an episode of Power Rangers.


"You stopping the keep invasion/destroying the siege machines/enabling the catapults/closing the portals was just a MINOR SETBACK!"

This goes on until you finally kill their megalomaniac moustache-twirling villain asses. Seriously Blizz...

And I love the good ol' 10 year olds method of describing your EVUL MASTERPLAN. "You may have shut down this portal, but you shall NEVAR FIND MY OTHER SECRET PORTAL CONVENIENTLY PLACED 50 METRES TO THE RIGHT OF YOU, BURIED UNDER A PILE OF JUNK!"
Ronin just nailed the villains there.
remember how you never saw thim in d2 untill you walked into their chambers?
Characters like Cain talked about Andariel but you didnt know what she looked like, sounded like nor what she could do.

Makes the fight for the first time much more interesting.
Course i kicked her !@# more then 300 times but that first time when i was young i'll never forget.

I already forgot what azmodan could do besides spill tar on the floor.
I totally agree. The story is worthy of Cartoon Network.
Puns, Clichés all over the place. All bosses screaming at you all game long "Muhahah, you won't defeat me", while they whine at their followers to kill you. In the meantime you just slaughter everything effortlessly.

All the plot holes, all the silly turnarounds that have been done is all the super-hero cartoons since the 1970s... It's so bad.

Diablo 2 had style. You felt the presence of the demons when you approached the end of the act, because monsters were getting stronger, stuff was darker, and it did not feel lame. For a hack and slash game it was the perfect mood creating setting.
I still want to know where this Tyrael is a human lark came from, mortal yet, drink demon blood and transmorph to a human, no.

Tyrael becomes a MORTAL, not a HUMAN!
I strongly agree with most posts above me. While I don't think Diablo III's story was outright bad, it did remove most of the mystery of the Diablo universe.

Exactly this mystery was what made Diablo's storyline interesting to me. This is especially true for the characters: Tyrael used to be a rather mysterious character, with some pivotal actions in Diablo II's story. The true intentions of Tyrael were not clear to us, but he clearly understood more of the Prime Evils than most other characters and was trying to stop their plan, thereby interfering with the world of mortals. Why he did so remained unclear.

The fact that in Diablo III all feelings, motivations and fears of Tyrael are made public make the character a lot less intriguing. Making him mortal for most of Diablo III's story, though an interesting choice, degrades his character even further in my opinion. He was no longer this ethereal creature that interfered with the fate of the mortal world, but rather represented a general 'good guy' sidekick who was mostly away/captured/afraid at the important moments. Tyrael used to be a very interesting character, but his Diablo III portrayal is mostly forgettable to me (except for his cutscene with Imperius, which was pretty good).

The representation of the Lords of Hell was also disappointing to me. Due to them appearing way too often and taunting you (indeed) like Power Rangers villains, I couldn't take them serious anymore. In Diablo II's cutscenes, the Prime Evils were portrayed as sinister creatures which were truly evil and believable in that aspect. In Diablo III, the Lesser Evils and eventually the Prime Evil were too much like 'bad guys who obviously will perish in the end'.

Overall, I'm really enjoying Diablo III, but I think Blizzard put too much effort in fleshing out the Diablo universe, thereby removing a lot of the mystery that made the story interesting in the first place.

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