How (un)lucky are you (in finding legendary's)?

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A2 Hell Barb 52, 0 legendarys.
57, 1 l egendary belt i think, forgot to equip it for achievement xd
Act 2 Inferno, 5valor stacked a lot, 0 legendaries
Found 1, a worthless piece of crap. Sold it for 50k, AH was full of it.
60 Wiz - Inferno Act 2

Legendary: 0
Set: 1 (level 60 monk 2 hander with terribly low damage and crappy stats)
lvl 41 witchdocter, act 2 Nightmare, 7 legendaries including captain crimsons 3 piece armor set....all bought from AH :) aweh
57 monk
legendery : 0
sets : 0
currentyl act3 hell
53 Wiz in Hell, had Nutcracker and Autum drop for me, both in Nightmare
Found one legendary and that like a level 5 sword or something :P

And yes, Im not too bothered because as it is legendaries are worse then rares of the same level most of the time.

Until they make legendaries actually good I hope not to find too many in the future either.
60 DH, found one on the skeleton king on inferno. It was "kill" >.> (167 troll dps weapon with lvl req 55, ow yeah........)
Pity that the blues you find from mobs are way better xD
Lvl 55. 60 hours played. 0 legendaries. Dunno why Blizzard even bothered with legendaries. They are not the best items you can get and they never drop. They shoould up the droprate on them so you at least can use some of them while leveling up. At lvl 60 you wont have much need for them.
58 monk 33 barb, found one in act 2 on nightmare. a belt with decent overall stats, gave it to a friend. 0% magic find all the way, always get the rares when playing with friends who got lots of it. Funny to piss them off hehe.
lvl 45 WD, 0 legendary items
59 barb (1 line to 60 :P) + 43 DH - found 2 legen ... wait for it ... dairies !
A random 30 DPS sword (which I sold on AH) and a socketed helm which I'm still wearing on my barb :P
Found only 1 legendary. The pants in normal *sigh* and they're terrible too.
39 Barb, act 2 nightmare. Found Magefist on him (gloves)
WD 46, 2 legendaries so far. Both during one session, maybe 10-20 minutes apart.
found Uskang in act 3 normal since then nothing just rares sometimes.
edit: whats ur magic find? i have currently 42% had like 30% when i found it

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