exactly why does the download of D3 taking so long time

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i am trying to download D3 now, and it says that it takes 9 hours to download... 9 HOURS?!?!
Seriously blizzard.. this is bad.

anyone have any suggestions on how i can make this go any faster?
What's your internet speed? Blizzard can't do anything if you're provider gives you a low band width, my friend downloaded the game in 40 min. Try borrowing a DVD with D3 from a friend that has the retail version and install it or just leave your pc opened over the night and the next day when you wake up D3 will be installed. :D
is it a problem if i stop the download now, and open it again when i am going to sleep?
no, it will resume again when you open it. You can close it without any worries.
I have exactly the same question and yes my connection is fine.

Peer to Peer floats between 50-500 kB/sec (out of 2000 max) and when I switch off Peer to Peer I get ~700 kB/sec 1 minute out of every 5 when the mirrors deign to send some packets my way.

I paid EUR 60,- (through battle.net) for a game which retails for USD 60,- in the states, a nice ~29% screw-you-we-don't-like-your-dirty-foreign-currency bonus for Blizzard. For that kind of money I would expect Blizzard to put up a few decent servers (at least for the first few months when demand is high) so one can download the game in a proper timeframe.

I'm sure I'll be all smiles and giggles once I get to play the game, but this being my first digital purchase I'm sorely disappointed.
I am currently installing my D3 using the CD, but how come it takes a while for the "Updating setup files..." its been there for nearly 30 minutes and it hasn't moved a single bit. Been stuck in 1/4 of the bar. :(

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