Sleet Storm - Build


Sleet Storm - this spell is like a close range blinder - underly destroys foes its a channel spell it rapes

Arcane orbit - this spell can crit and gives 4 rotating explosives orbs. watch acts like 2 min buff aoe

Explosive Blast - this spell has chain reaction this spell crits and

now mix these 3 together watch the burst

frost nova and force armor for protection and to allow you move close enough or stop you from being hit.

most important whole build is diamond skin and ability to spam it. you constantly have up 4-7 attacks going off in at once while channelling the storm

this is build is for those wisards you like be up in your face type action with come on hit me I dare you too outlook

this probably strongiest counter in pvp vs monks or barbarians, second you catch them with your frost nova pretty kiss your sword swing bottums goodbye

you could use shatter rune keep your enemies frozen while cut them open like a chain saw

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