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Hey guys,

Wondering if some one could point me in the right direction, ive been looking at the blackthorn set on AH and been trying to find out what plans are needed in order for me create these items. I have tried looking on google, and threads in these forums but no luck. Anyone able to shed some light on these items? As of yet ive only found exalted plans for a few weapons and no luck with any set items.


Not listed in items page?
ive looked but it cant see it, i dont know if its plan is called something different.
Blackthorn drops in Inferno difficulty. Got the pants yesterday from a champion pack in act 1.
could you tell me how much magic find should i have to have realistic chance of getting set item, or at least legendary on inferno act I?
OVER 9000!!!!
I have 3 of the Blackthorn set pieces, the coat, belt and the weapon. Running torment 1 and 2 Rifts. Note: I am OCD about clearing all the levels, including everything after the rift boss. I have 16 greens and all except 2 of them I got from mobs and chests after the rift boss. I have only run about 40 - 50 Rifts on torment 1 and only 2 Rifts on torment 2. My advice Clear everything. I have also received the plans to make 36 pieces for other sets. Hope this helps.

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