Items, equipment missing on the character

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Today logging in after lunch I noticed this problem without explaining this myself in any way..every rare item in the equip, on the inventory and personal chest disappeared...what can be done to recover everything if that's possible? I can't continue playing like this if that's the end of the charcter - broken.
same problem here. every item I have is missing. including gold. whats happening?
Lost all my items too...will a moderator respone to this?...i have sent a support,now waiting for an answer.....
Did anyone ever get an answer for this?
same problem here and cant reach Blizz on the phone....created a ticket now.

Something is goin on......
due to massive amount of players lost their gold/items it looks like (part of) user personal information leaked from blizzard. of course they will deny that, but fact is fact.
Same for me.. thought I was hacked at first, but I can see im not the only one. Whats going on? All my precious gear is lost. :S

Are they fixing it, can I make a new char without the same problem apearing later in the game? Alot of playtime has just been lost here and some answers could be nice?
Lost all my gear too :(((((
I lost all my gear on 2 of my 3 heros. The one I use as a mule and is level 1 still has a few yellows on it. I also submitted a ticket.
I heard it is some kind of hack...
They enter a code in public gme and get all information about the players in the public game..
Including password. this happend to so many!
I work in a store, people have come all day and said this, also one told me blizzard wont do anything beside rolling your char back..

Just dont join a public game!
This happened to me as well, and I've never joined a public game. Ever.
If you got hacked, please read this article and make a ticket.
Same here, all equip and gold lost on chapter 3... never played on a public game...
Check the list of people you recently played with, I bet there is some random level 1 that you have never heard of on there.
Same. EVERYTHING is gone. This is complete bull!@#$ blizzard. Constant server shutdowns and now im just flat out missing everything...25+ hours on that game for what?? Achievements that don't mean a %^-*ing thing? Regardless of whether you return the items that were deleted (or stolen) from my character I will not be purchasing any blizzard games again. Ever.
Same here, everything is gone: Stash items, gold, character equipment.
Yeah, same here, never played a public game
All my stuff has gone, naked! I never played a public game either!!!
Missing all items from one of my characters, gold and everything in my stash. All other characters are untouched.
My only character was robbed clean. Just adding to the hackedwagon

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